Fairfield Fire Chaplain and Chief recognized


"Thursday night’s Fire Commission Meeting at Sullivan Independence Hall began with the formal recognition of Emergency Services Chaplain Father Charles H. Allen, S.J. and the presentation by Commissioner Susan Barrett of an Official Citation from the Connecticut General Assembly to Chief Richard Felner for his fifty-third anniversary with the Fairfield Fire Department."

Is Fairfield fire chief on hot seat? Officials won't say


"FAIRFIELD -- Fire Commission members, after spending two hours behind closed doors Wednesday to discuss perso issues and scheduling another special meeting Saturday, steadfastly refused comment on widespread, but unconfirmed reports that a dispute between two top-ranking fire officers may have turned physical."

Fairfield Welcomes Five New Firefighters | The Daily Fairfield


"FAIRFIELD, Conn. – The Fairfield Fire Department added five new faces this week, while saying goodbye to one of its former leaders.Jordan Charney, Scott ..."

Fairfield man charged with home arson spree in town


"A 34-year-old Fairfield man was charged late Thursday with setting fire to a series of vacant houses on the real estate market in town."

Area Firefighters Rescue Family’


"This was one emergency call that firefighters at Fire Station 2 on Jennings Road in Fairfield were glad to receive."

Fairfield wants Bridgeport to pay for damage to fire truck


"BRIDGEPORT -- The town of Fairfield has filed a claim against the city for reimbursement to cover the cost of repairing a Fairfield firetruck struck by a Bridgeport police cruiser last month."

Three new police officers sworn in 08/


"Out of almost 500 applicants, three recruits rose to the top, and were sworn in as Fairfield police officers last Thursday."

Amanda Goes...to jail?


"There's no sound quite like that of a jail cell door slamming shut. The rattle-rattle-rattle-clang of metal sliding into place is positively chilling, especially if you're on the wrong side of that cell door."

Fairfield struggles with $2m shortfall, pension gap


"It is possible that the town will have to begin making contributions to the pension funds that cover town, police and fire employees, something it has not had to do in about a decade."

Training police offers to use deadly force


"All 108 Fairfield police officers participate in the training, which takes place once per year on the 100-yard Sergeant James Covanaugh Firearms Range."

Marine police quarters renovated


"FAIRFIELD -- The Police Department is launching a new building project at the town's marina to replace a 40-year-old structure that was once a bait shop but now houses the department's marine division."

Emergency communications: New vehicle assists in crises


"Hurricanes, chemical spills, and other large scale incidents can now be better addressed by the Wilton Fire Department and other towns in the region through the use of a new communications vehicle, according to Fire Chief Paul Milositz."

Gas leak prompts evacuations


"BRIDGEPORT — Construction workers ruptured a natural gas main at Fairfield Avenue near Ellsworth Street Thursday night, closing down the road for nearly two hours and snarling both automobile and train traffic."

Firefighter Reinstated


"[Fairfield] Firefighter Todd Erickson has been reinstated to his position after being fired for failing to maintain his emergency medical technician certification on March 20."

Fairfield extends chief's contract


"FAIRFIELD — Fire Chief Richard Felner, a member of the town's firefighting force for nearly 50 years, will continue in his post three more years."

Police reorganization OK'd


"The Fairfield Police Commission unanimously approved the recommendations for reorganization of the Fairfield Police Department last week, recommendations set forth by Blackburn Strategies, Inc., a consultant hired by the Town of Fairfield in July 2007."

Reverse 9-1-1 System Working Well: Departments


"Gone are the days when it was just the public dialing 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. Now it also works the other way around."

Fairfield OKs police reorganization


"FAIRFIELD — The 78-year-old Fairfield Police Department is in for major changes."

Emergency services reorganizing


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Police use laser-equipped firearms


"FAIRFIELD — Officers say they are now better prepared to deal with gunfights like the 2002 shootout between an Ansonia man and police outside the former Boston Billiards on lower Black Rock Turnpike."

Police car stolen during Southport station fire


"The officer left the car with its emergency flashers on, while assisting the fire department. When he returned the car was stolen."

Hunter plucked from top of tree


"FAIRFIELD — It sounds more like a medical rescue scene you are likely to see on the television show "ER.""

Funeral laments fire's toll on the poor


"BRIDGEPORT — In his eulogy for the father, mother and child who died in a horrific fire last Friday, Monsignor Aniceto Villamide asked mourners this morning why the poor suffer more frequently from house fires."

Fatal fire cause stumps officials


"BRIDGEPORT — Investigators on Saturday demolished a single-family West End house in an attempt to track down the cause of a Friday morning fire that killed three people."

Fairfield firetruck drops fuel tank


"FAIRFIELD — Firefighters are investigating why a fuel tank dropped from a firetruck and spilled about 50 gallons of fuel near Osborn Hill School."

A call from the cops


"Fairfield Police now have a new tool in their belt, enabling mass numbers of residents to be notified of an emergency."

Firefighters' hazmat ID gear already at work


"FAIRFIELD — The Fire Department's new hazardous materials identification unit has been pressed into service after only a few weeks."

Fairfield firefighters honor pioneer


"FAIRFIELD — In life, Les Hartman's motto could have been: The show must go on."

Firefighter works for language literacy


"Drive less than half-a-mile past the Fairfield border on Fairfield Ave. and a glance to the right might reveal the Quick Start Language Center."

[Fairfield] Selectmen OK Budget


"The Fire Department requested an annual budget of $11,355,034, which Flatto cut to $11,272,218. Included in the Fire Department's budget request was a capital replacement request of $29,000 for protective clothing, which Flatto cut by $12,000."

Fire and Police Budgets Discussed by Boards


"Wednesday night's joint meeting of the boards of Finance and Selectmen focused on the budgets of the Police and Fire departments."

Colleagues Say Darrow Was Mentor, Gentleman


"Former Fire Marshal Clarence Darrow, a mentor to many who have served or still serve with the Fire Department, died Monday from complications following surgery."

Fairfield police officer named hero for second time


"Officer James Pauciello's patrol car rolls out of the Fairfield Police Department parking lot as he makes his way onto Reef Road on a cold Thursday afternoon."

Resentment lingers between volunteers


"The volunteer fire department, one of two in town, dates to 1920, 37 years before the town introduced its first paid firefighting force. The Southport Volunteer Fire Department traces its roots to 1895."

Town and SVFD in Negotiations


"The Southport Volunteer Fire Department has withdrawn its request for an immediate hearing at which it would have asked a Bridgeport Superior Court judge to order the Town of Fairfield to dispatch the SVFD to emergency calls."

Southport Volunteer Fire Department sues town


"In response to the Fairfield Fire Commission's decision to stop dispatching Southport volunteer firefighters to emergency calls, the volunteer company has filed a lawsuit against the town."

Firefighters sue to answer calls


"FAIRFIELD - The Southport Volunteer Fire Department, put out of service by the town's Fire Commission last month, is fighting back. Roberto T. Lucheme, the volunteer firefighters' lawyer, filed a lawsuit late last week asking a Bridgeport Superior Court judge to order the town to dispatch the volunteer firefighters on emergency calls."

Southport and Stratfield Fire Departments Shut Down


"Following Thursday's meeting of the Fire Commission, a resolution mandating that all volunteer departments comply with stringent training and certification requirements was unanimously adopted, which has effectively placed both the Southport and Stratfield volunteer departments temporarily out of commission."

Fairfield communication system unveiled


"State and town officials met Tuesday in the Emergency Communications Center to learn about a $300,000 communications system installed from Sept. 11 to 13."

RTM OKs Contracts With Three


"The Representative Town Meeting on Monday approved new contracts with three town unions."

Firefighter relives tragedy of Katrina


"FAIRFIELD — Firefighter Brad Sherman recalled with bitterness Monday how the federal government responded to Hurricane Katrina, one of the nation's worst natural disasters."

Explosion Averted


"An explosion of unknown proportions was averted on Saturday night when the Fire Department and the state Department of Environmental Protection's hazardous materials team responded and stabilized two chemicals that overheated in the sun."

Peck Chosen Chief


"After steadily working his way up through the ranks, 27-year police veteran Capt. Dave Peck has been named as the town’s next chief of police."

New policy to OK retirees for town jobs


"FAIRFIELD — Should retired police officers and firefighters be able to work for the town and collect a pension at the same time?"

Water line funds OK'd by selectmen


"FAIRFIELD — The Fire Department's plan to add more fire hydrants and water lines in Greenfield Hill began Thursday."

Early morning fire leaves 9 homeless


"FAIRFIELD — Fire erupted early Monday in a three-family Villa Avenue house, leaving nine people homeless."

After 39 years as Fairfield firefighter, he retires with style and a smile


"FAIRFIELD — George Gomperts is a man of many hats."

Greenfield Hill residents say fire-line plan unfair


"FAIRFIELD - Perhaps no one was happier than Lynn Thomann and Lynne Pashkoff that the Representative Town Meeting approved the Fire Department's $2.08 million plan to install more fire suppression lines in the town's Greenfield Hill section."

Higher fees may mean less money for Fairfield


"FAIRFIELD — Charles Lawrence, who is moving to the Greenfield Hill section of town in November, thinks the Board of Finance defeated itself in trying to raise money for a $2.08 million fire suppression project in Greenfield Hill."

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Fairfield gears up for disasters and terrorism


"Just a few years ago, training sessions on how to deal with weapons of mass destruction would have seemed oddly out of place at Sacred Heart University."

An old fashion march and Blessing of the Fleet


"Area residents will be treated June 19 to two parades for the price of one in picturesque Southport. The first is an old-fashioned street parade that steps off at 11 a.m.; the second a boat parade scheduled to get under way at noon."

Unions willing to review health plans to aid budget


"FAIRFIELD - Leaders of two of the town's biggest unions say they don't object to reviewing health-care plans negotiated in their unions' current contracts, acknowledging the agreements allow for that."

Fairfield faces suit in crash of firetruck


"FAIRFIELD -- A Bridgeport woman who reportedly broke her legs and injured her neck and back in a Dec. 4 accident involving her Dodge Neon and a firetruck on Kings Highway Cut-off has filed a notice of intent to sue the town."

Fire Commission settles leadership flap


"Last month, fireworks erupted over the usually routine election of a chairman when one commissioner challenged the traditional practice of promoting the panel's secretary to the chairmanship. The dispute ended in a 2-to-2 deadlock. "

Fairfield Fire, DPW Budgets Are Cut


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Five Fire Inspectors Resign, Claim Duty Not Spelled Out in Their Contract


"Just minutes after telling the Fire Commission Thursday that other municipalities have been sued for failure to inspect buildings in which a fire later injured someone, Chief Richard Felner told members that five Fairfield fire inspectors have resigned. "