Detroit Fire Department

Mapping Project

The Google Maps API lets you put Google Maps in your own web pages. I have worked up a few maps for Detroit pertaining to the fire department.

Note: The Google Maps JavaScript API Version 2 has been officially deprecated as of May 19, 2010. The V2 API will continue to work until May 19, 2013. Or maybe longer. I will be working to migrate the older maps to version 3 of the Maps JavaScript API.

The list of newer maps:

The list of older maps:

Future plans include:

  • Maps implementing different coloured markers
  • Flyover tours of different battalions

Stations and Apparatus

Extra Credit


  • 2007-01-27 Sheridan and Goethe
    On Saturday January 27, 2007 the Detroit Fire Department responded to a Box Alarm for a fire reported in a dwelling at Sheridan and Goethe. Upon arrival of Ladder 10 heavy fire conditions were found coming from a 2-story dwelling. A 2nd truck above the box alarm assignment was requested. The Detroit Fire Department brought the fire under control using Engine 9/23/32 Ladders 10/6 Squad 3 and Chief 1.

Rich Nowakowski, Regional Sales Manager, Canada JPS Communications

  • 2007-04 Fourth street near Temple
    This was 2.5 story row house with 6 units (2 occ and 4 vacant). I was driving down the street and spotted the header. Dialed 9-1-1 and gave then basic cross street info and then grabbed the camera. The first due engine and truck took the front of the building but everything was happening in the rear. The fire eventually hit the loft and then spread both ways very rapidly.