Alleged racial disparities in discipline probed in New Haven Fire Department


"Both the fire union and the Firebirds Society, a fraternal organization for black firefighters, called for an independent investigation into the department’s disciplinary practices."

New police, fire EMS boat afloat in New Haven


"NEW HAVEN >> The breeze waved the American flag Monday as spectators and seagulls at the Long Wharf Pier watched the firestorm 36 model vessel demonstrate its pumping water capacity in the Long Island Sound."

New Haven to fire union: Butt out of cops' contract


"The city filed a complaint with the State Board of Labor Relations, alleging that the fire union is interfering with a settlement agreement between the city and the police union by criticizing the deal. It includes a request for a cease-and-desist order."

New Haven fire department ability test has friends,


"NEW HAVEN — The New Haven Fire Union, Local 825, is supporting a measure that would require potential employees to pass a Candidate Physical Ability Test, but the city said it has no plan to use it and other organizations say it’s a racist tactic used to deny city residents opportunities, especially communities of colour."

New Haven police contract alarms fire union (


"“In my opinion, it’s the worst public safety contract negotiated in the state,” said James Kottage, fire union president. “It’s an evisceration of benefits.”"

Disobeying the Supreme Court —


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Judge declines to '


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Mayor John DeStefano appoints ex-Providence, R.I., chief as New Haven's top cop, who vows return to community policing


"NEW HAVEN — Dedicated walking beats will return to every neighborhood. Officers will know residents. Residents, over time, will celebrate police and work as partners."

New Haven firefighting staff 'critically' short


"NEW HAVEN — The Fire Department has “critical staffing shortages” that, while not impacting public safety, is driving overtime costs and creating the potential for burnout over time as firefighters pick up extra shifts, the assistant chief said Wednesday."

Untitled document


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Familiar Name,


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New Haven fire chief explains reasons for taking Engine 8 out of service


"NEW HAVEN — The Board of Aldermen’s Public Safety Committee listened to the fire chief explain his decision to retire a fire engine before hearing comments Wednesday night from residents mostly opposed to the move."

FATAL FIRE WAS SET: Arsonist sought after New Haven blaze that killed mother, son, niece


"NEW HAVEN — Police and fire investigators are looking for the arsonist who set a Fair Haven apartment building on fire early Wednesday, killing a mother, her second-grade son and her niece."

City awaits ruling on fire promotions


"NEW HAVEN — Should new fire inspectors with a month in rank have been permitted to compete for promotions for higher-level positions inside the fire marshal’s office?"

LETTER: Sick days are complex issue to manage


"After reading the editorial “Suspend firefighters who abuse sick time,” I felt obligated to respond."

Landslide vote against NHPD Chief


"In a landslide 246 to 21 vote, officers of the local 530 police union voted Thursday in protest of NHPD Chief Frank Limon, Assistant Chief Tobin Hensgen and Assistant Chief Thomas Wheeler, all of whom arrived in New Haven from Chicago less than a year ago."



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Veteran New Haven cop on paid leave after DUI conviction


"NEW HAVEN— A 12-year veteran police officer was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday and ordered to turn in his badge and gun after Chief Frank Limon learned he had been convicted of driving under the influence."

Fire Dept.


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Surveillance helped snare East Haven man accused of setting 2 New Haven brush fires


"NEW HAVEN — An East Haven man ran errands as police and fire department investigators probing a string of suspicious brush fires secretly followed him last month."

Top scorer to lead NHFD training efforts


"Marcarelli, 40, was sworn in last week as the fire service’s new director of training, overseeing department-wide training and the Regional Fire Academy on Ella T. Grasso Boulevard."

New Haven hit-and-run investigation focusing on rookie cop


"NEW HAVEN — Police are investigating one of their own in an April 30 hit-and-run accident that shattered the legs of a teen girl who was run down by a wheelie-popping motorcycle as she crossed the street."

Fired New Haven cop to get his job back


"NEW HAVEN — A former city police officer who was fired after calling out sick from work and causing a drunken scene at a downtown club last October will be getting his job back."

Extra-duty changes spark NHPD tension


"NEW HAVEN — The elimination of extra-duty “hold-down” jobs at the Police Department has some detectives and supervisors up in arms that the change could cost them, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars in annual income, and has prompted rumblings of lawsuits and resignations from the detective bureau."

Whalley district manager on the beat


"NEW HAVEN — Sgt. Reggie Sutton said he would understand if one of the first questions he’s asked when he meets people along Whalley Avenue is how long he plans to stay."

Drug-sniffing Labs get police badges, praise


"NEW HAVEN — One of the Police Department’s newest members sniffed out $65,000 worth of heroin in his first 10 days on the job. He got lunch for his trouble."

Groups file briefs on firefighter case


"Various organizations are clamoring to contribute their opinions to the racially charged debate surrounding Ricci v. DeStefano, a case to be heard by the US Supreme Court next month."

Latino Group Backs White Firefighters


"As black and white firefighters joust over a landmark civil-rights case, Latino firefighters are quietly throwing in their lot with one side."

Cops negotiate new contract


"After over a year of negotiations, city officials and New Haven Police Department officers must soon agree on a contract."

NAACP Backs City In Firefighter Case


no description

Supreme Court to hear firefighters’ bias case


"NEW HAVEN — In a case with potential ramifications for civil service practices across the country, the U.S. Supreme Court Friday agreed to hear a reverse discrimination lawsuit filed by 20 New Haven firefighters who claim they were wrongfully denied promotions because of their race."

Box 22 Associates, Inc.


"Box 22 Associates, Inc. was founded in 1932 by a group of prominent business and professional people who found a common interest in the New Haven Fire Department."

Police staffer accused of tipping off suspect


"NEW HAVEN — A civilian employee at the Police Department has been arrested for allegedly tipping off the mother of a person that police were looking for, an action that, if true, could have placed police officers on the street in danger, authorities said."

Agreement allows city firefighter to return to work


"NEW HAVEN — The city and Fire Department union reached a "last chance" agreement for a city firefighter just days before the Board of Fire Commissioners was scheduled to vote on whether to fire him."

Fire Dept. to bill for ride-alongs on AMR calls


"NEW HAVEN — The Fire Department will bring in an estimated $100,000 under a new ordinance that will charge clients when a firefighter trained in lifesaving techniques rides in the American Medical Response ambulance."

Lawyers line up in firefighters’ reverse bias case


"NEW HAVEN — The U.S. Supreme Court hasn’t yet decided whether it will take the case of the so-called “New Haven 20,” but national organizations already are lining up to weigh in, and the stable of attorneys involved in the case is expanding."

He Won’t Put Out This Fire


"Minutes after he and 29 other recruits received their firefighting badges, Robert Bonetti hopped on top of the Squad 2 pumper — and asked his flame for her hand in marriage."

Police Department swears in sergeants, bolsters supervisors


"Officers Vernon Barham, Joe Murphy III and Dean Reynolds and detectives Samuel Brown, Robert Criscuolo and James Grasso Jr. all received their stripes and new badges pinned on by family members or friends."

City, insurer settle suit with cop


"NEW HAVEN — The city and its insurance company have agreed to pay $1.5 million to a city police officer to settle a lawsuit, ending a contentious, years-long battle involving a former police chief, the mayor, two politically connected ministers and the officer’s First Amendment right to free speech."

Cop killed in crash added to memorial


"NEW HAVEN — In a brief, somber ceremony, the Police Department added the name of Officer Dario “Scott” Aponte Wednesday to its memorial wall of officers who have died in the line of duty."

Settlement will allow cop to get pension


"NEW HAVEN — City labor officials and the police union have reached a settlement that would allow an embattled 17-year detective to retire even though he faces criminal charges for allegedly misusing a police computer database."

Fire department rethinks structure


"In 2002 MMA Consulting Group, Inc. of Boston issued an Operational Review of the New Haven Fire Department, recommending a plan to improve the department’s provision of medical services, internal organization and future leadership."

Training costs necessitate cuts in overtime spending


"New limits on overtime spending may force New Haven Police Department officers to do more with less."

Suit alleges police brutality


"Sanchez is joining six other New Haven residents in a federal civil rights lawsuit contending they were assaulted by Officers Dennis O’Connell and Maturo — whose first name has not been released to press — of the New Haven Police Department."

Narcotics unit to be born again


"NEW HAVEN — The Police Department has tapped a 16-year veteran to lead its reconstituted narcotics squad, a significant step as the agency moves forward from a 2007 corruption scandal that sent three former drug investigators to prison."

Detective suspended over records issue


"NEW HAVEN — A police detective has been suspended with pay and barred from police headquarters over allegations he improperly accessed a police database for personal use."

Special police Web site would include blogs


"NEW HAVEN — The city is seeking money to build an interactive Web site for the Police Department aimed at improving communication and dialogue between neighborhood groups and across the city."

Hundreds brave rain to attend officer’


"NEW HAVEN — Hundreds of mourners braved unrelenting rain as they waited in line Friday night to honor a fallen police officer."

Farewell to fallen New Haven officer


"An army of New Haven Police officers lead the way as Sgt. Dario "Scott" Aponte's body was escorted to Saint Michael's Ukranian Church in New Haven."

Firefighters’ suit may pose safety risk


"A pending reverse-discrimination suit filed against the city by 20 New Haven firefighters may be creating a public-safety risk for the city at large, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyer."

A department in mourning


"New Haven (WTNH) -- New Haven police officers banded together in a motorcade across the city Wednesday afternoon, a department forever changed by the death of one of their own."

New Haven police sergeant killed in crash, patrol officer injured


"NEW HAVEN - A city police sergeant was killed and a patrol officer critically injured late Tuesday after their cruisers collided while responding to a domestic dispute in Fair Haven."

City nets free legal work in firefighters’ suit


"NEW HAVEN — A mega-law firm with extensive experience before the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to represent the city for free in a reverse discrimination lawsuit by 20 city firefighters."

City gets emergency deputy director


"NEW HAVEN — The regional public health coordinator for more than 30 towns in south-central Connecticut is leaving his job at the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to join New Haven’s emergency preparedness team."

City examines revenue options for Fire Department


"NEW HAVEN -- Can the city make money by providing more medical services through the Fire Department or by billing insurance companies for the services it already provides?"

City to unveil revamped honor wall


"NEW HAVEN — They died doing their jobs, every one of them."

Fire department lieutenant carjacked


"West Haven police are investigating a car-jacking in which the victim was a lieutenant with the New Haven Fire Department."

FOI officer says video should be turned over


"NEW HAVEN — A hearing officer for the state Freedom of Information Commission has again recommended that the New Haven Police Department be ordered to provide the New Haven Register with a videotape made by one of the teenagers convicted in the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Jajuana Cole."

New devices pump life into patients?


"NEW HAVEN — The Fire Department medic crew had just recently loaded the Lucas device back onto the emergency unit at the fire academy when the 911 call came in of a cardiac arrest on Sherman Avenue."

Singing New Haven fireman heeds ‘Idol’ call


"NEW HAVEN — Reggie Blakey, in one regard, has been a bad influence in the firehouse, at least among his tone-deaf colleagues."

Guilty plea entered in computer misuse


"James Barone, 48, is the third state employee to be ensnared in the bribery scheme and the ninth person — including three New Haven police officers — to plead guilty to corruption counts."

Promotion for 22 city officers


"NEW HAVEN - James Lewis recalled Friday being often asked how well he sleeps as a police chief, and he said his reply is always the same."

List of NHPD promotions


"NEW HAVEN - Twenty two police officers climbed a rung on promotional ladder Friday, the latest wave of promotions in a department that went years with virtually none."

Fire chief refutes negligence claim


"NEW HAVEN — The fire chief Wednesday blasted allegations by a downtown property owner that negligence by his department and other city agencies may have somehow contributed to the severity of a massive December fire as “totally outrageous, insulting, incorrect and inaccurate.""

Code lapse seen before devastating city blaze


"NEW HAVEN — The owner of the downtown buildings severely damaged in a December fire now alleges the Fire Department knew a sprinkler system protecting one of the buildings violated state fire code, but allowed a nightclub to open anyway with a promise to fix the problem."

Elm City Swears In New Police Chief


"After taking a 57-word oath and having his new badge pinned on, Jim Lewis said he promises to work with the community and come down hard on criminals."

City agrees to cover ex-chief's liability


"NEW HAVEN - Former Police Chief Melvin H. Wearing is off the hook after all for $1.35 million in punitive damages from a 2002 lawsuit - which the city had initially refused to cover - but only after he blasted the mayor and former city lawyers, claiming fraud and negligence in a lawsuit of his own."

Supreme Court should hear appeal


"An appeal of the dismissal of New Haven firefighters' reverse discrimination lawsuit should be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court."

New Chief Sends “Trust” Message


"A campaign aimed at truants. A gang intelligence unit. “Wide latitude” for problem-solving cops: New Haven’s new top cop said he has those plans in mind."

City hires new police chief for Ortiz’s unfilled term


"NEW HAVEN — A former big city police chief who led departments in Green Bay, Wis., and Pomona, Calif., will take the helm of the city’s 400-member police force, bringing experience in dealing with the kinds of problems faced here."

How Are You?


"Ex-Det. Clarence Willoughby didn’t answer that question Wednesday — or any others about allegedly coercing a confession from a 14 year-old — as New Haven’s police corruption woes continued to jeopardize criminal cases."

Fire captain retires to focus on hometown


"NORTH BRANFORD — Fire Chief William Seward III is retiring from his full-time position as a captain in the New Haven Fire Department."

Entangled detective applies for pension


"NEW HAVEN — A police detective, who acknowledged in a sexual harassment complaint that she was paid overtime for shifts she didn’t work, has applied for a disability pension."

Aldermen talk budgeting reappraisal


"City Hall officials discussed pensions, a city workers’ wellness program and overtime for public-safety officers at an aldermanic finance meeting Tuesday night."

Firefighter posts bail in attack on wife’s attorney


"NEW HAVEN — A Superior Court judge dramatically increased the bail for a firefighter accused of accosting, while on duty, his estranged wife and her divorce lawyer as they walked together downtown, amid insinuations in court that their relationship went deeper than conventional attorney and client."

City firefighter facing charges


"NEW HAVEN — It wasn’t the fight itself that created a spectacle Friday night in the city’s entertainment district."

City's corrupt cops may lose pensions


"Following the ruling, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and Board of Police Commissioners Chairman Richard Epstein have called for a “bad-boy clause” in the police union contract, the first of its kind in Connecticut, which would limit officers convicted of corruption having access to their pensions and retirement funds."

Pension plunder


"It's almost a caricature of injustice to taxpayers and honest public servants."

Another disgraced cop cashes in


"NEW HAVEN — The vote Thursday to approve a pension for another disgraced cop was ceremonial, a fact not lost on a police commissioner who nonetheless voted against it."

‘N-word’ lawsuit vs. city dismissed


"NEW HAVEN — A federal court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the city by a New Haven firefighter disciplined for using a racial slur."

Disgraced cop gets windfall


"NEW HAVEN — The $44,000 question was whether the city’s Board of Police Commissioners has the authority to fire an allegedly corrupt cop even if the officer beats it to the punch by putting in for retirement first."

Ruling overturns city’s firing of two arrested police officers


"A discrepancy between New Haven law and police-union contracts nullified the city's April 2007 termination of a corrupt police officer, and prevented the Board of Police Commissioners from firing another cop arrested for corruption on Thursday."

New Haven 20 prepared to take reverse discrimination case to Supreme Court


"NEW HAVEN -- Twenty firefighters whose reverse discrimination lawsuit against the city was thrown out in federal court and again on appeal have vowed to pursue the case to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary."

Burglary tip leads to indoor North Haven marijuana farm


"Sources said the home is owned by retired New Haven firefighter David Lee."

U.S. court tosses out case over city jobs


"NEW HAVEN -- Twenty firefighters did not have their civil rights violated when two promotional tests were thrown out at the city's urging in 2004 because too few minorities scored near the top, a federal appeals court ruled Friday."

Yale police subject to open records law, panel rules


"NEW HAVEN — The state Freedom of Information Commission Wednesday unanimously, and with no discussion, found the Yale Police Department is subject to the state’s open records laws."

Chief tries to deal with arrests of 3 city cops in a week


"NEW HAVEN — Three city police officers have been arrested within the last week and two others remain on restricted duty following earlier arrests, shining an unwelcome spotlight on a department that is trying to move forward after a corruption probe last year."

City detective accused of raiding fund


"NEW HAVEN — A veteran police detective was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the Police Department confidential informants fund."

Fire recruits hired after aldermen, commission, mayor wrangle over details


"NEW HAVEN — After an argumentative start, the Board of Fire Commissioners Tuesday approved at a special meeting the hiring of new firefighter recruits."

Pending replacement search, NHPD Chief Ortiz to delay retirement, move to Yale security - Print


"Although he announced his retirement just before Thanksgiving, New Haven Police Department Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr., did not begin 2008 quite as relaxed as he hoped."

Tenure marked by acrimony over hiring,


"NEW HAVEN — Human Resources Director Tina Burgett will leave Jan. 18 to assume a similar role in Stratford, closing the door on a tumultuous tenure in the Elm City."

Take time in picking new chief


"Outgoing New Haven Police Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr. isn’t leaving this month after all, but Assistant Chief Herman Badger is as the shake-up among top brass at the department continues."

Smuts: Firehouse Probe Finished


"City official Rob Smuts made a discovery while investigating a firehouse “strangling” fight: The city thought it had a zero-tolerance no-violence policy. It doesn’t."

Tall Order Awaits New Chief


"New Haven’s next police chief faces a challenge — transforming a department widely acknowledged as broken — in return for a $105,079 annual salary."

Union allies with Watchdogs after mayor’s directive


"The latest immigration debate over a City Hall general order has a few New Haven Police Department officials up in arms."

Ortiz poised to do his own corruption look-see


"NEW HAVEN — When a federal probe into police department corruption is completed, the internal affairs investigation will begin and police Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr. will take a tough stance with the rule-breakers."

City, campus jurisdictions overlap for police depts.


"Yale police officers wear New Haven Police Department badges and are invested with their powers of arrest through the City of New Haven."

City's 911 lines flooded with 'foreign' calls


"NEW HAVEN — It was a hairy morning in New Haven’s 911 center Monday when operators were inexplicably inundated with non-emergency calls from around the country — 519 in a 44-minute span."

City's 1st black firefighter honored for his pioneering efforts


"NEW HAVEN — George Sweeney was 24 years old when he made New Haven history as the first black firefighter to work in the department."

Veteran city cops tapped to lead divisions


"NEW HAVEN - The Police Department has tapped two veteran officers to lead, on an interim basis, two divisions in the department."

Police, Fire Overtime Budgets Shoot Up


"If the police department keeps spending overtime pay as it did in the first two months of this fiscal year, the yearly budget will be used up in November."

Board delays decision on pension for fired cop


"NEW HAVEN — The Police and Fire Pension Board has held off on making a decision on whether to grant a salary cap waiver for a fired police detective who is facing a possible federal prison term."

Disgraced cop seeks waiver of earnings cap


"NEW HAVEN — A former New Haven detective facing prison time on federal corruption charges has asked for a waiver of an earnings cap that would reduce his pension if he makes too much money after he is released from federal prison."

Fire Dept. policies again fall short


"NEW HAVEN — Promotional practices in the city Fire Department were again judged by the state Supreme Court and were, again, found wanting."

No Way Jose - Another corrupt New Haven cop is caught in the feds' dragnet


"Was Jose Silva an enabler or a thief? Consider the facts laid out in a quiet hearing in Bridgeport federal court last week, where the New Haven police detective and his cohort, ex-Detective Justen Kasperzyk, pleaded guilty to corruption charges."

Job on line for detective who lied in police report


"NEW HAVEN — The Police Department wants to fire a city detective who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor civil rights violation last week as part of an ongoing federal corruption probe of the department."

Termination Hearing Set


no description

City's No. 3 cop leaving for job in NYC


"NEW HAVEN — The third highest ranking officer in the Police Department will retire to become the chief investigator with New York City’s Business Integrity Commission."

Cops plead guilty in FBI sting


"Two former New Haven narcotics detectives stood in court Friday, hours apart, and raised their right hands like they had many times before, but this time they weren't on the witness stand."

Recruitment efforts pay off for city police


"NEW HAVEN — The Police Department received 919 applications from prospective cops, nearly twice as many as had applied in last year’s effort."

New Firefighting Tool


"HAMDEN — When 60 firefighters from across the country come to Hamden Thursday, they’ll be part of a cutting-edge experiment that will test a new piece of rescue equipment, as well as the gas"

Pension revocation examined


"NEW HAVEN — The Board of Aldermen’s Finance Committee Thursday decided to collect data from 13 states that have pension revocation laws and from two state officials who have researched such legislation."

26 city police recruits get their badges


"NEW HAVEN - They will begin their new careers Sunday night on the graveyard shift, but Friday was for celebrating. In an afternoon ceremony, 26 recruits got new badges, standing ovations and graduated from the city's police academy after more than six months of often-arduous training."

Key police detective to retire


"NEW HAVEN — The head of the Police Department’s crime scene unit has submitted paperwork to retire after 18 years on the job, the latest in a series of departures of current and former members of the detective bureau over the last six months."

Cop Sues City Over Sick Time Crackdown


"A veteran city patrol officer who was kicked off the police dive team is suing the city in federal court, arguing through his lawyer police department higher-ups were "capricious" and "unfair" when they cracked down on officers abusing sick time days."

St. Louis Tosses Out Firefighter Tests


"Test results are being thrown out because so many applicants failed. Sounds a lot like New Haven, no?"

When a cop goes bad, solution not always easy


"In many cities and towns in Connecticut, from the far-reaching narcotics squad scandal in New Haven to snatched seafood in Madison, these things are happening."

PERF Calls For Cop Shake-up


no description

When New Haven burned


"NEW HAVEN — Forty years ago today, the streets of New Haven became a war zone. On the surface, New Haven was tranquil, a model city and touchstone of urban renewal pushed forward by the determination of its nationally recognized mayor, Richard C. Lee."

New Haven Register - News - 08/16/2007 - Columbus Day Parade events abound


"NEW HAVEN — The Columbus Day Parade is returning to New Haven with lots of fanfare this year, and everyone can join the fun Saturday as the Italian-American band Emozione takes the stage at Wooster Square Park."

Cops to Cop-Wannabes: Get Fit!


"In an attempt to shake off its recruitment woes, the NHPD kicked off a large scale hiring drive that aims to fill up to 100 vacancies over the next two years by reaching out to the community with advice on how to get through police training. For starters: Work out."

Fire Commission Pledges To Talk In the Open


"Admitting it inappropriately closed its doors at a recent public meeting, New Haven's Board of Fire Commissioners has made a pledge not to do public business in private anymore."

Police promotional exam to rely more on oral exercises than written test


"NEW HAVEN — A state arbitration panel has sided with the city in a debate over a police promotional exam that has been delayed for a year after a dispute on how it should be graded."

Test scoring, job vacancy discussed


"NEW HAVEN — A public hearing on the controversial scoring methods for the most recent entry-level Fire Department exam Monday expanded into a related discussion about the lack of a personnel director."

City Responds To Firefighter Exam Complaints


"The decision to weigh the fire department recruitment test only on the oral portion of the exam was "intentionally manipulated," said New Haven Firefighters Union President, Patrick Egan."

Test scoring, job vacancy discussed


"NEW HAVEN — A public hearing on the controversial scoring methods for the most recent entry-level Fire Department exam Monday expanded into a related discussion about the lack of a personnel director."

Union members sue Local 884 and leader


"NEW HAVEN — Nineteen civilian employees at the Police Department and Board of Education have sued their union and its local president, asserting Local 884 failed in its obligation to adequately represent them, and at times their president exhibited outright hostility and discrimination."

Hearing tonight on recent fire test


"NEW HAVEN — The Board of Aldermen's Public Safety Committee will hold a public hearing tonight on the Fire Department's most recent test for new hires."

Tasers enter anticrime arsenal


"The New Haven Register is your source for local and national news. Newspaper or online, we bring you the information you need."

In Illegal Session, Fire Board Wrangles Over Recruitment Mess


"Adding to escalating scrutiny of the city's recruitment of entry-level firefighters, city fire commissioners laid the heat on city officials in a meeting -- a loud and apparently illegal behind-closed-doors meeting. "

City faces $6.7M deficit, largely due to OT


"NEW HAVEN — The city is facing a $5.7 million deficit, and finance officials expect both revenue and expenditures to exceed the $415.6 million bottom line for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. In addition, the Board of Education is showing a $1 million deficit in its accounts."

Race a tradition for two city firefighters


"One lived on Townsend Avenue; the other lived on Lighthouse Road in New Haven. Tom Holman and Rick Conte met in between 30 years ago to run and have done so ever since albeit on different paths."

New class of fire recruits will have to wait


"NEW HAVEN — With funding cuts and controversy swirling around the hiring exam, it could be late 2008 before a new class of fire recruits is hired, trained and ready to fill spots in the city's 10 firehouses."

"One City" Pitch Ends Budget Road Show


"In the mayor's Power Point, he mentioned that one of the biggest portions of the budgetary increase was due to negotiations settled with the fire department that committed the city to keeping all 10 engine companies, four trucks, four tactical units and two emergency response units in service. The mayor has requested a 10.7 percent increase for the fire department budget, from $27 million to $30 million."

Ex-cop who killed suspect wants to be city firefighter


"NEW HAVEN — A former New Milford police officer who fatally shot a suspect and later pleaded no contest to criminally negligent homicide has applied to be a city firefighter."

City Still Looking for Cops, Dispatchers


"Inching towards the city's goal of having the biggest police force in the state, police commissioners approved a final four recruits for training."

Corporation Counsel Ude resigns


"NEW HAVEN — Corporation Counsel Thomas Ude Jr., who has had a stormy year in public service, is resigning to take a new position with the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund in New York City."

Elm City firemen involved in crash


"NEW HAVEN — Two firefighters were recovering at home after a serious crash involving their fire ambulance early Saturday."

Harsh Reality


"But when Siedlarz wanted to be considered for a firefighter’s job in his hometown of New Haven, the reception wasn’t so warm."

Appeals court rules firefighter be rehired


"NEW HAVEN — The state Appellate Court has ruled that the city must again reinstate a veteran firefighter who was fired in 2002, reinstated and then lost his job once more in a series of legal decisions, appeals and reversals."

City aldermen question firefighter hiring rule


"NEW HAVEN — In a strong signal to City Hall, 20 aldermen have requested a public hearing on the Fire Department hiring process, which came under scrutiny after widespread confusion about the entry-level exam."

City insists 2 cops are fired, not retired


"NEW HAVEN — Police Lt. William White is still fired. That was the city administration’s position Friday after a vote by the Police and Fireman’s Pension Board making his pension retroactive raised a question about whether his firing still stood."

Stage set for challenge to retroactive retirement


"NEW HAVEN — In a divided vote, the Police and Fireman’s Pension Board granted a retroactive pension to a police lieutenant accused of corruption, evoking an angry response from the city’s director of labor relations whose attempts to argue to the contrary were rebuffed."

Fire Promotions Examined in Supreme Court


"A contentious, years-long battle over fire department promotions came to a head in the state's highest court. With his fate at the hands of the justices stood one former fire inspector by the name of Marvin Bell."

Fire Dept. hiring practices raise questions


"NEW HAVEN — City hiring practices are again raising eyebrows after officials decided to grade prospective firefighters exclusively on the oral section of a Civil Service exam that more than two-thirds of the test takers flunked."

Fire Dept. hiring practices raise questions


"NEW HAVEN — City hiring practices are again raising eyebrows after officials decided to grade prospective firefighters exclusively on the oral section of a Civil Service exam that more than two-thirds of the test takers flunked."

Fire Recruitment Process Rekindles Debate


"The latest round of oral tests for entry-level firefighters, which drastically cut down the applicant pool, has reignited a debate over the city's effort to eliminate patronage from the hiring process and create racial balance on the force."

City, 3 white cops settle suits for $775G


"NEW HAVEN — The city will pay a total of $775,000 to three white police officers to settle lawsuits claiming they were denied promotion because of their race."

New Haven cops settle bias lawsuit


"NEW HAVEN (AP) — New Haven officials have agreed to pay $775,000 to three white police officers to settle lawsuits claiming they were denied promotion because they are white."

NHPD taps new leaders


"DeStefano decries arrests, calls for change "

Don’t shoot the messenger


"Assistant chief should be rebuilding image of police, not attacking press."

New Haven Register - News - 03/27/2007 - City moves quickly to fire 2 cops in scandal


"NEW HAVEN — Two narcotics officers facing federal corruption charges have filed for retirement, but the city is dead set on firing them first."

Cops wonder: What next?


"NEW HAVEN — The cloud hanging over the Police Department since the FBI arrested two narcotics officers might not dissipate for months or longer if a grand jury is empaneled as expected. Inside police headquarters, overwhelming sentiment among officers is this: If more arrests are coming, get it over with so the department can move forward."

Commissioners Blast Mayor'


"The mayor's proposal -- to bring in an outside "dream team" of consultants to review the police department at the cost of $130,000, announced at a Thursday afternoon press conference -- was struck down as both an overreaction and an underreaction by members of the Board of Police Commissioners in a special meeting Friday."

FD, PD Budgets Not Easily Whittled Down


"Zeroing in on the places where the mayor's $445.2 budget bulged the most, aldermen grilled police and fire chiefs on overtime costs."

Officer's death was an accident


"Driver who unintentionally struck Daniel Picagli was neither reckless nor negligent."

New Haven Register - News - 03/20/2007 - City to study restricting lawbreakers' pensions


"NEW HAVEN — Aldermanic President Carl Goldfield, D-29, Monday referred to the board's Finance Committee a review on whether pensions can be reduced or revoked when city employees or municipal officials use their positions to commit a crime. "

Mayor accuses NAACP chief of shake down


"NEW HAVEN — Mayor John DeStefano Jr. on Friday accused the president of the state and New Haven chapters of the NAACP of trying to shake down the city for an outreach contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Facing close scrutiny


"NEW HAVEN — Police Lt. William "Billy" White, who is free on $2 million bail after being arrested Tuesday on federal theft charges, has filed paperwork to retire, but Mayor John DeStefano Jr. promises a thorough investigation of White’s pension entitlements."

FBI raids police headquarters


"NEW HAVEN — The FBI arrested two police officers, including the well-known head of the department's narcotics unit, and three bail bondsmen Tuesday in a corruption and theft probe sparked last year by a cop who tipped off and then cooperated with federal authorities."

Fire Recruits Pour In; Weaker Crop of Cops


"A police recruitment drive harvested far fewer able bodies than the mayor and chief had hoped for to replenish abandoned walking beats. Meanwhile, the fire recruitment drive moves forward, with 700 applicants invited back for an oral exam, reported top fire brass."

New Haven Register - News - 02/17/2007 - Firefighters pitch in for comrade


"NEW HAVEN — Firefighters Friday night showed they have a heart for a firefighter with cardiac problems. About 400 people gathered for a buffet dinner at the Annex YMA on Woodward Avenue for a "Signal 4" fund-raiser to help Firefighter Kenneth Oliver as he recovers from cardiac problems."

Women learn to fight fear with self-defense


"NEW HAVEN — A martial arts instructor is offering women in Fair Haven an alternative to living in fear in the wake of four sexual assaults in this riverside community: a way to help defend themselves. Rogers, a black belt for 30 years and a city firefighter, said he will cover mental and physical aspects of self-defense."

Judge reduces payout to city cop


"NEW HAVEN — A federal judge has reduced a $5 million jury award to a city police officer against his former chief and given him 30 days to decide whether to accept it."

Cops Pitch $6M Rebuilt Shooting Range


"Local cops, led by Lt. Ric Rohloff (pictured), fielded these concerns and proposed a solution: construction of an updated, enclosed, sound-proof structure in the same space as the current firing range."

Mass today in memory of factory workers caught in fire


"NEW HAVEN — With hellish flames closing in, Caterina DeMartino, a 22-year-old garment worker, jumped from the jammed fire escape to save her life."

The day a city died


"This coming Wednesday will mark the 50th anniversary of the deadliest tragedy in the city’s history, the Franklin Street Fire."

Thousands pay final respects to fallen officer


"WEST HAVEN — Police officers honored a fallen colleague. Residents of West Haven remembered a favorite son. On Friday, thousands of people turned out at the West Haven Funeral Home to remember Robert Fumiatti, a New Haven police officer whose struggle to heal and return to work after being shot in the face during a 2002 drug raid inspired two communities."

$1.1M sought to hire police, civilian staff


"NEW HAVEN — The aldermanic Finance Committee Thursday was considering the administration’s request for a $1.1 million budget amendment to allow the Police Department to fill 29 sworn positions and 26 civilian slots by June 30, the end of the current fiscal year."

Recovered from ’02 shooting; dies of heart attack


"NEW HAVEN — Officer Robert Fumiatti inspired colleagues and community members with his unrelenting determination to return to the police force after he nearly died when he was shot in the face during a 2002 drug raid."

Police shifts put more cops on street


"NEW HAVEN — The Police Department has disbanded two specialized units, beefed up two others and has redeployed 25 officers to the patrol division in an effort to increase visibility in the neighborhoods."

City audits fire payroll on padding allegations


"NEW HAVEN — The city is auditing the Fire Department payroll after allegations were raised that some firefighters might be improperly padding their paychecks. The city’s internal audit unit could have some answers as soon as this week, but city Controller Mark Pietrosimone said a preliminary review did not reveal the potential fraud rumored in the firehouses."

Assistant fire chief followed own career path


"Nineteen years later, Black is the assistant fire chief, heading operations for the city Fire Department, a position he never envisioned reaching when he started on the job."

Not enough time in the day for assistant police chief


"As chief of operations, Badger oversees the daily running of the department from the detective bureaus to patrol to internal affairs and the communications room."

Her goal is a better police department


"As assistant chief of administration she oversees payroll, budgeting, the property and records rooms, building maintenance, the police garage, grant writing and the planning, crime prevention and neighborhood services units at the department."

Police exam may head to arbitration


"NEW HAVEN — A promotional exam in limbo at the Police Department appears to be heading to arbitration, with the city and police union at an impasse on how it should be scored. That could push any exam for new lieutenants back to next summer or later unless an unexpected agreement is reached."

City finance officials trying to cope with budget overruns


"NEW HAVEN — City finance officials will send a request to the Board of Aldermen Monday for approval of a budget amendment that exceeds the $393.7 million bottom line for last year’s municipal budget."

NHPD plans to add cops


"A new initiative proposed by New Haven Mayor John DeStefano will add to the ranks of the New Haven Police Department."

Crime up, crime down?


"Maybe the number of major crimes in New Haven increased 1 percent last year. Maybe for the first six months of this year, crime was down 3 percent."

Teens tough it out in EMS Cadet class


"NEW HAVEN -- Ishar Nieves wants someday to become a city firefighter and hopes an EMS Cadet program, offered through the Fire Department and the Board of Education, will help him realize that goal."

Honoring a hero: 1,000 officers from 3 states attend


" "Dan Picagli was everything you could ask for as a police officer, as a father and as a member of this community," said New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. before entering the church in the town where Picagli coached Little League."

Youth officer loses struggle after being struck by SUV


"NEW HAVEN - Hope ran out Saturday night at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Officer Dan Picagli, a 17-year veteran and father of four who was critically injured last week when he was struck by a car at a construction site, died shortly after 7 p.m."

Civil Service OKs 5-point residency preference for city jobs


"NEW HAVEN — The Civil Service Commission has approved a residency preference for city jobs, just in time for the police department to start taking applications for a new academy class."

Judge tosses firefighter bias suit


"NEW HAVEN — A federal judge has thrown out a civil rights lawsuit filed by a group of 20 mostly-white firefighters claiming they were denied promotion because of reverse discrimination."

NHPD plans to expand equine unit


"The New Haven Police Department's newest recruit clearly isn't your typical officer: He doesn't wear a uniform, sports a wild mane of hair, and weighs close to a ton. And city leaders are more than thrilled to have him. "

Squabble between city, police union stalls test


"NEW HAVEN — A promotional test for police lieutenant has been indefinitely postponed after the city and police union reached a stalemate on how the exam would be scored."

‘Progressive’ fire chief Sweeney dies at 92


"NEW HAVEN — A retired fire chief who served the department for 34 years, including 13 as its chief, has died."

City kids urged to set goals high


"Ismail and about 10 youngsters visited Fire Headquarters and toured the firehouse on Lombard Street Friday as part of a summer youth development program run by a city police officer for inner-city kids."

City fire lieutenant put on administrative leave


"NEW HAVEN — A city fire lieutenant has been pulled out of the firehouse and placed on administrative leave at two jobs after he allegedly showed a picture of his genitalia to a female employee at the Hospital of Saint Raphael."

Police, fire recruits sought


"NEW HAVEN - The city is looking for a few good men and women to be police officers and firefighters, but finding them might not be as easy as it sounds. "

New Haven Hispanic Firefighters Association Fourth Annual Scholarship, Recognition Banquet


"Each year the New Haven Hispanic Firefighters Association holds its annual scholarship, recognition banquet."

2 city firefighters promoted at ceremony


"NEW HAVEN — Ralph Black Jr. had just graduated from college when he floated a career idea past his mother."

Jury's out on whether court cases will hurt DeStefano


"NEW HAVEN — Some potential political baggage of Mayor John DeStefano Jr. was opened wide in federal court recently when the seven-term mayor took the stand to defend the city against a $5.1 million jury award handed to a city cop."

Judge bars city's pass-fail exams


"NEW HAVEN — A Superior Court judge ruled this week that the city’s longstanding hiring practices in the Fire Department violated the law."

Former police chief has no one to lean on


"NEW HAVEN — The attorney for a city police officer has slapped a lien on the former police chief’s house after suggestions that City Hall might not indemnify the chief against a $5 million jury verdict."

New Haven Detective scolded


"NEW HAVEN — A police detective has been disciplined after her service pistol, which she reported missing, was later used in a city shooting."

Firefighter test scores certified


"NEW HAVEN — A 19-year veteran of the Fire Department is the top candidate to be the next assistant chief of operations, the third-highest rank in the department. Battalion Chief Ralph Black Jr. received the highest score on a recent promotional exam, which was certified last week by the Civil Service Commission."

Judge blocks city's try to end hiring bias suit


"NEW HAVEN — A Superior Court judge Monday rejected the city’s effort to have a lawsuit against it dismissed, then sharply admonished it as having a history of ignoring judicial decisions against it."

City sued over discipline in slur case


"NEW HAVEN - A firefighter who was suspended for six months for using a racial slur at work has sued the city, claiming she was singled out for discipline and humiliated in public for fumbling over her words."

City ends pass/fail exams for cops, firefighters


"NEW HAVEN — The city has scrapped its longstanding, and some critics say illegal, hiring practice for police officers and firefighters."

City ends pass/fail exams for cops, firefighters


"NEW HAVEN — The city has scrapped its longstanding, and some critics say illegal, hiring practice for police officers and firefighters. The move comes years after a judge issued a scathing opinion slamming the hiring practice and as a fresh lawsuit filed against it goes to trial."

Firefighter Sues Over Suspension For Racial Slur


"NEW HAVEN -- A New Haven firefighter suspended for six months after using a racial slur on the job says she was singled out and punished more harshly than other firefighters she alleges have made racially charged remarks in the past."

City cop prevails in labor dispute


"NEW HAVEN - The Police Department has been ordered to restore to full duty and pay lost wages to the officer who fatally shot an armed man in the elevator of a public housing complex for senior citizens in 2004."

Yale police force to be expanded


"The Yale Police Department will increase the number of officers working on its force in order to better address campus crime issues, police officials said."

No jail time for landlords in fatal fire case


"NEW HAVEN -- A Superior Court judge ordered suspended sentences and probation for a couple charged in the deaths of two of their tenants during a 2004 fire. "

Union suit tossed on fire jobs


"NEW HAVEN — A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by the firefighters union, ejecting Local 825 from an ongoing fight over two contested Fire Department promotional exams."

Fire Department slates test to fill No. 2 job, but remains mired in vacancies


"NEW HAVEN -- The Fire Department is preparing to promote a new assistant chief, a top position in the command staff, but prospective recruits shouldn’t expect to get a job any time soon. "

New Haven Firefighter Reinstated After Lengthy Fight Over Use Of N-Word


"NEW HAVEN, CT - No matter how regrettable, New Haven firefighter Carol LaCroix's use of the n-word to publicly introduce a speaker from the United Negro College Fund, New Haven Superior Court Judge Patty Jenkins Pitman is convinced, was an inadvertent slip of the tongue."

Judge rules in favor of firefighter


"NEW HAVEN — A state judge has upheld an arbitration award overturning the six-month suspension of a city firefighter who used a racial epithet when introducing the United Negro College Fund at a meeting."

Officer wins $5M case; city weighs appeal


"NEW HAVEN — A federal jury Monday awarded an unprecedented $5 million in punitive damages to a city police officer who was suspended by his former chief in a case that began as a run-of-the-mill noise complaint at a Fair Haven church and turned into a political conflagration."

Jury deliberating on motive for cop’s suspension


"NEW HAVEN — Why Arpad Tolnay was suspended depends on whose lawyer you believe."

Political bigwigs testify in officer’s suspension case; federal jury set to deliberate


"NEW HAVEN — A federal jury is expected to begin deliberating today whether a city police officer’s suspension violated his First Amendment right to free speech."

Firebird Society backs Ellis-West for alderwoman


"NEW HAVEN — A group of minority firefighters has thrown support to an incumbent alderwoman from Fair Haven Heights, breaking ranks"

Appeals court rules for firefighter


"NEW HAVEN - The city is still on the hook for a $1.4 million jury award to a retired firefighter who claimed she was run off the job by gender discrimination and a hostile workplace."

2 city firefighters win promotion bias suit


"NEW HAVEN - A Superior Court jury has awarded more than $250,000 each to two firefighters who had filed a lawsuit over the city’s promotional practices."

12 teens graduate as EMS cadets


"NEW HAVEN — As thousands of high school seniors around Greater New Haven received diplomas and joyously hurled mortar boards, the city fire department held a more intimate graduation for a dozen youths who invested the last half year learning how to save lives."

Crime & Federalism: Why Do We Lie To Juries?


"Civil rights and criminal law, federalism, and Section 1983"

Police recruit could learn his fate today at hearing


"NEW HAVEN — Internal affairs investigators suspect a police recruit knew his girlfriend abused and maybe even sold illegal drugs, despite denying it during the application process."

Judge tosses former firefighter’s lawsuit


"NEW HAVEN - A federal judge has thrown out a civil rights lawsuit filed by a former city firefighter who is fighting to regain his job after being terminated, reinstated and then terminated again."

Couple denied special probation in 2 New Haven fire deaths


"On Friday, Superior Court Judge Barry C. Pitkus rejected applications by Guillermo and Maria Morera for a special form of probation for first-time offenders, saying they were ineligible based on the charges against them."

Police to restart program following fatal shooting


"The New Haven Housing Authority is ready to restart its officer-in-residence program. It was put on hold in November after an officer shot a man inside a city apartment building."

Police Union wants training officer out


"NEW HAVEN -- Kay Codish and the city police she is in charge of training haven't always seen eye to eye. Now the police union is calling for her resignation because of comments she made to the Board of Aldermen about police officers and prejudice — and how six months of training cannot overcome deep-seated hatred."

Racial tension heating to a boil - New Haven Register


"NEW HAVEN — A firefighter and fire lieutenant, who both are white, have been suspended after allegations that they said the word, "nigger," while on duty."

New Haven officers have 'no-confidence' in chief


"New Haven police officers have spoken out against their leader. Officers overwhelmingly gave a vote of "no confidence" against Chief Francisco Ortiz. So what does this mean for the days ahead in the department?"

DeStefano supports police chief


"NEW HAVEN -- Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s "no confidence" vote, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. Tuesday pledged his support to the police chief. Chief Francisco Ortiz returned to New Haven Tuesday as the rank-and-file prepared to vote on whether it has confidence in Ortiz’s leadership."

New Haven police chief under fire


"NEW HAVEN — In the wake of a spate of police-involved shootings, dwindling support from City Hall and a brewing mutiny among his rank-and-file, Police Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr. is under fire like never before in his two-year tenure. Consider what’s happened in just the past few weeks:"

New Haven chief’s son has ‘pot’ busts in his past


"NEW HAVEN — Before joining the New Haven Police Academy last fall, the police chief’s son, Francisco Ortiz was arrested twice on drug charges in Hamden. However, a criminal records check Tuesday by the state police Bureau of Identification indicated that the younger Ortiz did not have a criminal history, which raised questions with some city leaders about the outcome of the cases in court and the internal affairs screening process through the Police Department."

Police chief shakes up New Haven drug unit


"NEW HAVEN - The police chief has transferred the head of the Police Department’s narcotics unit and suspended three officers once assigned to the unit. Police Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr. on Friday ordered the transfer of Lt. William White, sending him back to Drug Enforcement Administration task force."

Cameras help city police monitor harbor -- New Haven Register


"NEW HAVEN — The Police Department Wednesday unveiled new port security cameras meant to thwart a terrorist attack in New Haven Harbor. Mayor John DeStefano Jr., U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, D-3, and Assistant Police Chief Bryan Norwood told reporters the cameras will help protect New Haven’s people and its critical infrastructure."

Disaster plan erases local boundaries


"New Haven disaster plan erases local boundaries. For many years, police, fire, health, public works and education departments did not give these issues great consideration, at least not in any great detail beyond mutual aid for major fires."

Sound Off: Second-generation Advantage?


"I am responding to Frank Harris III's recent feature on race and the New Haven Fire Department 'The Color of Fire' Sept. 12"

City cops punished for excess sick leave


"NEW HAVEN — The police chief has disciplined a string of police officers for sick time abuse, but some members of the department say it’s not just sick time that’s being abused."

Long Road


"So says Judy Jennette of Branford, a certified nurse assistant whose first assignment has been as a companion to Kelly, who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell from a rooftop down a 30-foot shaft while fighting a fire on Chapel Street on Feb. 26, 1992."

The Color of Fire


"Race is still an issue in the New Haven Fire Department. But when the alarm sounds, there's something more important going on."

White firefighters file suit against city


"NEW HAVEN — A group of 19 white and one Latino firefighters filed a federal lawsuit Thursday alleging the mayor and other city officials corrupted the civil service process for political gain."

Doubts about fire exams only raised after results in


"As a retired fire inspector with the New Haven Fire Department, I feel compelled to write regarding the recent promotional test scores for lieutenant and captain."

Fire Department promotional practices ruled illegal


"NEW HAVEN -- The state Supreme Court has ruled that the city for nearly a decade broke the law through its promotional practices in the Fire Department, but the high court refused to demote fire officials who benefited from the illegal application."

Untitled document


no description

New Haven firefighter, Wallingford resident doesn't back down from a good fight


"Now at 30, Ricci is a member of the New Haven firefighters union, which has filed a lawsuit against the city regarding the department's test for promotions. City officials want to dismiss the test because of its results."

Some black New Haven firefighters consider seceding from union


"NEW HAVEN — Some African-American members of the New Haven Firebird Society, a fraternity of minority firefighters, want to secede from Local 825, an AFL-CIO affiliate, in the wake of two promotional exams that left a rift among black, white and Hispanic colleagues."

Racial tension flaring up at NHFD; Promotional tests are tinder for lawsuits


"NEW HAVEN — In his 31-year career, Fire Chief Mike Grant became an expert at stamping out blazes, but the one that’s burning inside his department right now might prove his most challenging."

Firefighter alleges racial motive in attack


"NEW HAVEN — Racial tensions in the Fire Department have apparently taken an ugly turn after a firefighter was assaulted in the bathroom of an East Rock bar."

Accusations of racial discrimination polarize fire department


"NEW HAVEN — The first in an expected series of racial discrimination complaints has been filed in connection with two scuttled promotional tests in the fire department."

NAACP, firefighters trying to bridge gap


"NEW HAVEN - African-American firefighters and the local NAACP decided Wednesday to turn to national civil rights and labor leaders to help mediate a gaping racial divide in the city’s fire department."

Program Assists Firefighters


"After seven months of physical therapy for the shoulder he injured on duty, New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci was dissatisfied with the regular rehabilitation program and set out to create a new one."

Minority firefighters set to sue union


"NEW HAVEN — A group of minority firefighters are threatening legal action against the fire department’s union, which they claim favors whites over blacks."

New Haven Advocate: Snap, Crack, Pop


"If a child is trapped in a burning building, you don't want a firefighter on drugs on the scene trying to rescue her or put out the flames. Which is why recent events in New Haven's fire department should have people worried."

Bravo for firefighters union’s lawsuit


"Good for the fire union for standing up for the majority of its members. Clearly the vote showed that."

DeStefano criticizes ‘exclusionary’ firefighter testing


"NEW HAVEN — Mayor John DeStefano Jr. Friday made his first public statements about the fire department promotion exam controversy, criticizing those who favor certifying an exam which he said denied promotional opportunities to minorities."

Race divides fire test issue


"NEW HAVEN — The firefighter union wants to sue the city over two aborted promotional exams, but some minority firefighters and the local NAACP say the union should butt out."

New Haven Police union appeals suspension over decal


"NEW HAVEN — There probably are hundreds of police union decals affixed to car windows around the city, but one in particular has created a tempest."

New Haven firefighters seek payment for test supplies


"NEW HAVEN - The fire union wants the city to reimburse firefighters for money they spent preparing for two scuttled promotional tests. Union officials said members spent hundreds of dollars each to prepare for the examinations, only to have the results later thrown out."

Tie vote sinks city Fire Dept.test results


"NEW HAVEN — Two contested promotional exams in the Fire Department were thrown out Thursday, in a vote that confused and confounded many firefighters who had come to learn their fate."

Fire Dept. upgrading computer network


"NEW HAVEN — The city is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading the Fire Department's computer system."

New Haven Fire Department restores 2 jobs at training academy


"NEW HAVEN — The Fire Department has reinstated two positions at the city’s fire training academy, a few weeks after firefighters and union officials publicly questioned the level of training at the department."

City of New Haven told to limit racial disparity in promotional tests


"Three experts asked to review two contested promotional tests said it’s not unusual that white firefighters would have scored higher on the examinations than minority counterparts."

Response delayed at deadly New Haven blaze


"The New Haven Fire Department's arrival at a fatal fire Friday was delayed by several minutes after 911 operators received the incorrect location for the blaze. "

NAACP livid over poem found at city firehouse


"NEW HAVEN — A satirical poem tacked on a Fire Department bulletin board over the weekend has the local NAACP burned up."

Those who ‘got beat’ cause racial tension


"Articles regarding the New Haven Fire Department promotional exams have been throwing out accusations and pathetic excuses as to why certain groups didn’t do well enough, from the reading material was not relevant or too difficult, to the content of the test, to ridiculous statements of people having the reading list early. Now it is whites cheated."

Racial disparities in New Haven Fire Department discussed at aldermanic hearing


"NEW HAVEN - What began as a fact-finding hearing on controversial promotional exams for firefighters expanded this week into a review of alleged racial disparities in training and management assignments."

Commission to call in experts to review fire tests


"NEW HAVEN - The city’s civil service commission agreed Thursday on three outside experts to review two contested promotional exams in the fire department"

Judge tries to grasp Fire Department complaint


"HARTFORD — State Supreme Court Chief Justice William J. Sullivan, as he often does, used sports Wednesday as an analogy to understand a longtime dispute over hiring practices in the New Haven Fire Department. Suppose a football coach auditions sophomores from home, but allows outside students to participate in the tryouts."

Fire Department sure to be sued over exams


"NEW HAVEN — A prominent black minister Thursday warned a city commission against being the "judge and jury" of whether two Fire Department promotional tests should be thrown out because too few minorities scored well."

City fire tests have no easy, cheap fix


"NEW HAVEN — City officials have argued behind closed doors. Firefighters have attended union meetings. Lawyers have been contacted."

Fire exams pose problems, city lawyer says


"NEW HAVEN — The three police officers stationed at the meeting were a strong indication that city officials expected some tension."

City eyes voiding 2 fire exams


"Editor's note: Because of a production error, the following story was incomplete in some editions Wednesday. Here is the story in its entirety."

City firefighter charged with firing gunshot inside bar


"NEW HAVEN — A city firefighter faces felony charges after he allegedly fired a gun inside a bar, authorities said on Monday."


no description

Accused firefighter's aunt denies bias charge


"NEW HAVEN — A white female city firefighter, accused of making a racial slur, is not a racist and is being unfairly portrayed, a family member said."

Firefighter in trouble over alleged comment


"NEW HAVEN — A female firefighter is in hot water after she allegedly made a racial remark this week at the Fair Haven firehouse."

Work on New Haven harbour security lacks direction


"NEW HAVEN — Terminal operators on the New Haven Harbor have received federal mandates to improve security against terrorist threats but offer little guidance on how to do it, terminal officials said on Monday. "

Ex-firefighter wins $1.5 million sex-bias suit


"Sheryl Broadnax, a 19-year veteran who retired from the department earlier this year, contended in U.S. District Court that colleagues sabotaged her career because she’s a woman."

11 city kids complete EMS Cadet Program


"New Haven - Despite divergent career paths, the three city high school juniors hope to use some newly acquired medical training as a vehicle to reach their dreams."

Union wants to end acrimony over promotions


"NEW HAVEN — The rank-and-file of the police department this week voted overwhelmingly to file a lawsuit against the city over how it promotes people on the force."

Committee to pick finalists for New Haven fire chief position - New Haven Register


"NEW HAVEN - A decision about who will be the city's next fire chief is expected before the end of the month"

Outspoken fire official ends career


"NEW HAVEN - An outspoken black member of the fire service, who was terminated and later regained her job, has retired after 19 years in the department"

New Haven Advocate:


"When New Haven's mayor, John DeStefano, needed a black guy to try to straighten out the fire department, he found someone who fit most of the above job description. "

DeStefano disrespects firefighters again


"In a move that surpassed even the usual indifference displayed by Mayor John DeStefano Jr. toward the New Haven Fire Department, his honor made his biannual 10-minute visit to fire headquarters on Feb. 12. He stayed long enough to nominate a convicted criminal to head the Fire Commission, climbed into his SUV, and sped off."

Winners of St. Patricks Day Parade Announced


"NEW HAVEN — The awards committee recently announced the winners of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade"

Tweed expects fire station permit


"Closed-door negotiations Tuesday produced an agreement that should allow the Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority to get a permit from East Haven to build a fire station."

Building permit stalls Tweed fire station plan


"Superior Court Judge Jonathan E. Silbert suggested East Haven issue the permit while the courts determine whether New Haven owes the town $334,000 in property taxes for airport property. "

NHFD Battalion Chief John Marquez


"NEW HAVEN - Reaching the rank of battalion chief in the New Haven Fire Department was no easy task for John Marquez — or for his wife and two daughters."

Fire service’s restructuring plan questioned


"At a public hearing last week, many on the Public Safety Committee expressed concern that the department’s plan to decommission one emergency unit that responds to medical calls would slow response time."