Sex scandal former cop charged in drug felony
By: LISA CARTER , Staff Writer 09/14/2004
Charge stems from obtaining prescription drugs from various physicians without informing them of prior use of the drug.

Former Madison police officer Donald Lanouette, who resigned from the department last November following allegations of sexual misconduct, was arrested Sept. 8 for obtaining prescription drugs under false pretenses.
According to arresting officer Sgt. Todd Curry, Lanouette, 40, of 250 Laurel Brook Dr., Guilford, turned himself into police without incident after learning of a warrant for his arrest.
He was charged with violation of Connecticut General Statute 21a-266(a)(h), which prohibits obtaining prescription drugs under false pretenses. Lanouette was released on $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in New Haven Superior Court Sept. 21.
The violation is an unspecified Class D felony.
Curry said the investigation began approximately one month ago when a medical group in town contacted the police department.
According to Curry, Lanouette had been obtaining Percoset, a narcotic painkiller, from several different physicians, but did not inform each physician of his history using the drug. Although the prescriptions were not forged, the practice is referred to as "doctor shopping" and is a felony crime.
Curry said that Lanouette had obtained Percoset from more than 10 different practitioners over a period of two years.
Lanouette had worked as a Madison police officer for 18 years when he resigned from the force last November.
His departure followed a scandal in which he was accused by a 19-year-old female member of the police department's Explorer Post of having a sexual relationship with her that had begun when she was 17 years old.
Although the woman did not file a formal complaint, she submitted a letter to the first selectman's office, in which she accused Lanouette of pressuring her into having sex with him and having sex with her while he was on duty.
Lanouette admitted the two had a relationship but said it took place when she was over 18, and he denied having sexual relations with her.
The Madison police department suspended Lanouette with pay in July 2003, while a criminal investigation was conducted.
In October, after New Haven State's Attorney Mike Dearington had reviewed the findings of the investigation, he declared that he would not prosecute Lanouette on second degree sexual assault charges stating that was "no precedent available as to the practical application of the statute to the facts currently alleged."
Soon after Dearington issued his decision, Madison resumed its own internal investigation of the matter to determine whether there were any grounds for disciplining or terminating Lanouette on violations of department regulations. Before a decision was issued on the matter, Lanouette submitted a letter of resignation.

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