Husband arrested following Old Saybrook fire


"Old Saybrook — An Old Saybrook couple remained in critical condition at different hospitals Friday evening following a domestic incident and suspicious fire early Friday morning that led to criminal charges against the husband."

3 Saybrook cops join supervisory ranks


"OLD SAYBROOK—The Police Department will begin 2010 with three new supervisors, all promoted from within, and a new police dog."

Old Saybrook FD Receives Grant


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Mac Fund investigation could end this month


"State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal hopes to finish his investigation into the Mac Fund - a once-hidden spending account controlled by Old Saybrook Chief of Police Edmund Mosca - by the end of the month."

Old Saybrook Police Commission Appoints Deputy Chief


"Old Saybrook — After two hours in a closed interview, the Police Commission, despite protestations from the public, voted Monday 5-2 to appoint Lt. Michael Spera to the newly re-created position of deputy chief."

A Public Fund but Not a Town Fund


"Amid growing controversy about potential misuse and misallocation of public donations to the police department by Old Saybrook Police Chief Edmund Mosca, the board tasked with police department oversight is taking a wait-and-see approach before entering the fray."

Old Saybrook Commission To Wait For Ruling By Blumenthal


"Old Saybrook — The Board of Police Commissioners said Monday night it will wait for the results of state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's investigation into the McMurray-Kirtland Fund before deciding what, if any, action should be taken against Police Chief Edmund H. Mosca."

Mac Fund Spending Had Little Oversight


"Old Saybrook — Rubye Johnson wrote a letter to the police chief a couple of weeks after her nephew, Officer Raymond McMurray, was killed in a car crash on Christmas morning 1973."

Police-Fund Donations Under Investigation


"Old Saybrook — The state attorney general is investigating the legality of cash donations made by criminals on probation to Police Chief Edmund H. Mosca's controversial police fund."

Police Report Details '


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Old Saybrook Fire Department Rescue-Boat Loss Is 'a Sad Day'


"Old Saybrook — The fire department's 24-foot rescue boat sank during high winds and heavy rains last week, leaving the department without a maritime rescue vessel."

Deceased Man's Family 'Disgusted' Over Not Being Told About 911 Incident


"Old Saybrook — Family members of one of two men found dead in their home in December said they are disturbed and angered that police here did not tell them that one of the men had called 911 two days before their bodies were discovered."

Old Saybrook Police Dispatcher Quits


"Old Saybrook — A veteran police dispatcher has quit the department amid allegations he botched an emergency call in December from one of two men who were found dead in their home about two days after the call. "

Old Saybrook Chief Will Turn Over Documents On Secret Fund


"Old Saybrook — Police Chief Edmund H. Mosca will comply with a request from the state's attorney general to hand over financial documents related to a secret fund Mosca has overseen for the last 30 years."

New Haven Register - News - 03/22/2007 - Saybrook will vote on center, radio


"OLD SAYBROOK — A town meeting has given residents one last look at proposals for an arts center and a new radio communications system that would cost a total of about $4.7 million. Residents will have the final say in a bond referendum March 29."

Old Saybrook Budget Up Five Percent


"Spending would increase by about five percent under the proposal but, due to increases in the town's Grand List of taxable property and other offsetting factors, the new mill rate needed to pay for the plan would rise only about one half of one mill, or by about three percent."

Emergency Communication System Upgrades Are OK'd


"Old Saybrook –– The Board of Selectmen told emergency services officials Thursday to move forward with a plan that would enable the town's emergency responders to communicate directly with each other."

Labor board sides with 3 Saybrook officers


"OLD SAYBROOK — The state Board of Labor Relations has sided with three former police officers who claimed they were laid off two years ago because of their union organizing activities."

Police Commission Members Scolded


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Complaint faults rescuers


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Complaint faults rescuers


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Officer files complaint against own union


"OLD SAYBROOK - A local police officer disciplined for unauthorized use of the Internet has lodged a complaint against his own police union for not backing him up in the dispute with the department. "

Huckel takes legal action in effort to reclaim job


"In her brief, Huckel's attorney, Susan V. Wallace of Middletown, charges the Old Saybrook Police Commission with violating its seniority rule and with keeping Officer Ryan Walsh on the staff under false pretenses. Walsh, who was hired under a federal COPS in Schools grant in 2002, remained with the department the following year even while four officers senior to him were dismissed."

Old Saybrook officers punished for surfing the Web


"OLD SAYBROOK - Two years after the police department began monitoring its computer use, Chief Ed Mosca finally meted out discipline last week to officers who had violated department policy. "

Police Chief's Reorganization Plan Troubles Union


"OLD SAYBROOK -- Police Chief Ed Mosca on Monday presented a plan to establish an upper-management layer of four lieutenants in the police department to address concerns about ineffective supervision."

Pictorial Gazette - Union blamed for budget woes


"OLD SAYBROOK - Police Commission Chairman Tim Conklin blamed the police union for the police department's budget problems, saying its contract negotiations and officer grievances in the last two years have run up legal bills. "

Fire Department hopes to lure volunteers


"OLD SAYBROOK — With volunteer numbers at an unusual low, the Fire Department is looking for men and women interested in donating a little of their time and sweat to give back to the community."

Laid Off Police Officer Files Complaint


"OLD SAYBROOK -- Cynthia Huckel, one of four police officers laid off last month, has filed a sexual harassment complaint against the police department."

Cop chiefs to eye public trust


"OLD SAYBROOK — Chiefs of police from throughout New England will focus on restoring the public trust in law enforcement officers as they return to their duties after a three-day convention here."