Stamford firefighter gets swept up in drug bust


"STAMFORD -- A Friday afternoon police stakeout of an East Main Street hotel started with drug charges against a firefighter and ended with three more people in custody and more than 14 grams of crack taken off the street."

Questions swirl around fire chief'


"STAMFORD -- Former Fire Chief Antonio Conte was under investigation by the city's Human Resources department when he abruptly stepped down last month."

Stamford fire volunteers want budget restored


"STAMFORD -- Three volunteer fire departments are requesting restoration of their public funding, even as their lawsuit against the city heads to trial."

Angela Carella: Fire feud falls in the laps of citizens


"The long dispute between paid and volunteer firefighters in Stamford is well-illustrated by the pig's foot incident."

Stamford voters to settle fire department flap


"STAMFORD -- More than a dozen years of strife between career and volunteer firefighters will come to a head in November with a yes or no question: Should Stamford combine its volunteer and professional fire services into one department overseen by a single fire chief?"

Stamford Christmas Fire Probe Sheds New Light On Blaze, Aftermath


"But the nearly 600 pages of reports gathered by the Stamford police, fire and building departments in the course of the probe could play a key role in civil lawsuits filed since the tragedy."

Federal grant to boost Stamford firefighter staffing


"The Stamford Fire & Rescue Department received a nearly $1 million grant for firefighter staffing from the U.S. Senate subcommittee chaired by Stamford native U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman that allows the department to meet national safety standards."

Father files lawsuit in Christmas Day fire


"STAMFORD -- Lawyers for the father of three girls killed in a Christmas morning fire on Shippan Avenue formally served a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit Wednesday against the city, naming four other defendants, including the father's ex-wife's boyfriend, the general contractor who escaped the blaze."

Madonna Badger: Embers didn't cause fire


"In her first televised interview since her parents and three daughters were killed in a Christmas day inferno that engulfed her waterfront Stamford home, Madonna Badger told NBC's Matt Lauer that -- contrary to the findings of the Stamford fire marshal's office -- she did not believe the blaze was caused by smoldering fireplace embers. "

City wants fire union decertified


"STAMFORD -- The city's human resource director wants the state to decertify Stamford's professional fire union for attempting to derail the mayor's plan to reorganize four of the city's volunteer fire departments, according to a complaint filed last month with the state Board of Labor Relations."

No criminal charges in Stamford Christmas Day fireCohen:


"STAMFORD -- No criminal charges will be filed in the investigation into the Christmas Day fire that killed three young girls and their grandparents in an intense Shippan inferno, according to a statement posted Friday on the Chief State's Attorney's Office website."

City officials mull certifying 2-year-old firefighting exam


"STAMFORD -- The more than 600 aspiring firefighters who sat for a civil service exam nearly two years ago may be reimbursed for administrative fees if city officials decide to throw out the test because of upcoming contract negotiations and a proposed merger of volunteer fire departments."

Prosecutors meet Matthew Badger, attorney about Shippan fire


"STAMFORD -- The father of three girls killed in the Christmas morning fire on Shippan Avenue and his attorney met with prosecutors Wednesday afternoon at state Superior Court in Stamford as authorities determine whether to file criminal charges related to the fatal blaze."

Report On Stamford Christmas Fire That Killed 5 Submitted To Prosecutor


"STAMFORD - A report about the Christmas fire that killed five was submitted to a prosecutor Tuesday afternoon, but his review probably won't be done for about a week, a police official said."

Christmas fire investigation continues


"Gardiner said he was also perplexed by Chief Building Official Bob DeMarco's decision to tear down Badger's 116-year-old Shippan Avenue home the day after the fire. "

New Connecticut law lets state attorney general target a public employee'


"STAMFORD — Former Stamford accountant James Santorella is only the second public employee in Connecticut to have his retirement payments targeted by the attorney general since the state’s pension revocation statute took effect in October 2008."

Borcina has troubled legal history


"STAMFORD -- Michael Borcina, the contractor overseeing renovations at the Shippan Avenue mansion consumed in the Christmas morning fire that killed three young sisters and their grandparents, has a trail of legal judgments and pending lawsuits over disputes from past jobs, court files show."

Recordings detail Shippan fire scene


no description

5 dead in Christmas morning blaze


no description

Fire departments announce merger agreement


"STAMFORD -- The Belltown, Turn of River and Long Ridge fire departments on Friday made official an agreement to pool resources and equipment, the first concrete step in the mayor's ambitious plan to reorganize the city's fire service by merging four of its five volunteer fire departments."

City fire chief retiring


"STAMFORD -- Stamford Fire & Rescue Chief Robert McGrath will be retiring at the end of June after 41 years of working in the department."

Once a Mets Manager, Now He's 'Bobby V.'


"Mayor Michael Pavia appointed Valentine the city's director of public health and safety a month ago, and familiarity, Valentine figures, is one of the greatest assets he can bring to the position."

Police investigate fire chiefs' scuffle


"STAMFORD -- A scuffle between a volunteer fire chief and a Stamford Fire & Rescue deputy chief at the scene of a fire call nine days ago is under police investigation."

Stamford volunteer firefighter arrested on child pornography charges


"STAMFORD -- A two-month investigation by the city police department's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force culminated in the arrest of a Stamford volunteer fireman on possession of child pornography charges, police said."

Stamford lawmakers to review North Stamford fire response


"STAMFORD -- City officials will review the response to a fire that tore through a large home in North Stamford this week, leaving questions about a Long Ridge Fire Co. assistant chief's decision to cancel automatic aid before he arrived."

Fire department looks at what drives overtime


"Like police, the fire department must respond to unpredictable events, which can be budget-busters, and must operate within the union contract."

Stamford volunteer fire chief presents consolidation plan under umbrella group


"STAMFORD -- The former Turn of River Fire Department chief presented -- before a crowd of about 60 volunteer and career firefighters Friday night -- a plan for fire service in the volunteer districts that would consolidate the Big Five departments under a greater "umbrella organization.""

Stamford lawmakers pepper police chief candidate with questions


"STAMFORD -- City representatives Tuesday peppered the mayor's candidate for police chief with questions about overtime spending, staffing levels and the Police Department's perception among city residents."

Police chief departs with warning


"STAMFORD -- Brent Larrabee officially leaves the Stamford Police Department this weekend after serving as its chief for the past five years."

Questions surround police officer


"Information that has surfaced regarding the officer who punched a woman in downtown Stamford last week raises more questions than it does provide answers."

Officers honored for heroic acts in Orange Street fire


"STAMFORD -- Two Stamford police officers were honored Monday morning for pulling a 2-year-old child and his elderly grandmother from their burning home last month."

Police captain is top earner for fourth year in a row


"STAMFORD - Police captain Richard Conklin was the highest earning city employee in 2008 for the fourth year in a row, grossing $276,258 in 2008 in city wages and extra duty pay."

Stamford police get new guns


"STAMFORD -- About 80 percent of the members of the city police force have been outfitted with new firearms since they began being phased in earlier this winter, and officers are training on them in the department's firing range."

Former Long Ridge firefighter sues chief


"STAMFORD -- A former Long Ridge Fire Company firefighter and whistle-blower has sued his former chief for calling him mentally unstable and bipolar in front of other firefighters, court documents say."

Stamford league regroups around fire department flap


"STAMFORD -- After a decade of inactivity, the Stamford chapter of the League of Women Voters is trying to regain its foothold in the community."

Stamford proposes two ordinances to alter fire operations


"STAMFORD - After more than a year of legal contests with volunteer firehouses, the city last week circulated proposed ordinances that would redraw the borders traditionally separating the career fire department and two of the Big Five volunteer firehouses."

Fire volunteers await judge's ruling on fire marshal


"STAMFORD - After hearing a motion to dismiss the case, a judge Monday continued a lawsuit filed by the city against the fire marshal at Turn of River volunteer fire department."

Fire marshal case goes to court today


"STAMFORD - A judge today will hear a motion to dismiss a lawsuit the city filed against the fire marshal of the volunteer Turn of River Fire Department."

Stamford sues volunteer fire marshal


"STAMFORD - The city has sued the volunteer fire marshal at the Turn of River Fire Department, saying the state law empowering marshals does not apply to volunteers, the city attorney said."

Study calls for unity in fire services


"STAMFORD - A consulting firm hired by the city to study firefighting in Stamford called the current situation among the six fire departments "critical" and recommended city officials declare the fire service is in an "emergency situation.""

Springdale firefighters agree to cameras in firehouse


"STAMFORD - Representatives of Springdale Fire Co. and the city told a judge Monday they had reached an agreement on the placement of surveillance cameras in the Hope Street firehouse."

Tension mounts on merger: Volunteer and paid firefighters still battling


"STAMFORD - It's a scene that has played out in volunteer firehouses throughout the country: A small volunteer fire department hires a full-time driver, then a full-time firefighter. As the roster of paid firefighters grows, so does their power and influence."

Report blasts Stamford volunteer firefighters


"STAMFORD - A consultant hired by the city to investigate the response to an Oct. 4 house fire in North Stamford criticized volunteer departments Thursday for failing to call for backup sooner and failing to establish a command post."

Major concerns about Stamford fire protection


"I am greatly concerned about the infighting between the city of Stamford and the volunteer fire departments, as it may affect the capability of anyone to provide adequate fire service to the northern fire districts."

Stamford officer promoted following discrimination lawsuit


"STAMFORD - A Stamford police officer was sworn in as a sergeant Tuesday, after more than four years of legal battles that alleged the city discriminated against him because of his race and national origin."

City looks into response to fire in N. Stamford


"STAMFORD - A fire that badly damaged a home on Mill Spring Lane in North Stamford last month has sparked more debate about the roles of paid and volunteer firehouses."

Fire, police pension losses raise concern


"STAMFORD - Pension funds for the fire and police departments were top performers before taking big hits when the stock market began dropping in September, officials who manage the funds told the Board of Finance last week."

Blame Malloy


"This is in response to Marlene Springer's Nov. 12 letter to the editor, in which she makes one - and I do mean only one - very good point. It's right in the headline for her letter: "Fire situation is an outrage." It is indeed."

New on the beat: 35 police cadets graduate from local academy


"STAMFORD - In the lobby of the Rich Forum on Friday, a mass of blue exchanged hugs and handshakes."

Backup pact renewed with Long Ridge department


"STAMFORD - The Long Ridge volunteer fire department and the paid city department, Stamford Fire & Rescue, have reinstated a longstanding pact to back each other up automatically."

Forum to debate firefighting's fate


"STAMFORD - Rachel Lussier wants answers about fire protection in North Stamford."

Fire situation is an outrage


"How can the Long Ridge Fire Department possibly cover 14 square miles of its district, relying on volunteers to respond with one truck and one person on it?"

Stamford residents to get 5-point boost on police recruit tests


"STAMFORD - Stamford residents who apply to become police officers soon will have an advantage over nonresidents."

House fire ignites debate


"Six minutes later, one volunteer firefighter from Long Ridge Fire Company, which has a station a mile away, arrived in his car."

Rogers School eyed for police academy


"STAMFORD - The Stamford Police Department's assistant chiefs said this week they need a police academy and hope to use the building in the Cove that Rogers Elementary School will vacate after this school year."

Fire aid


no description

Cops make their case for pension increase


"STAMFORD - Living on $900 a month from his police pension, John Braccia had to take a part-time job as a city custodian this summer to stay afloat."

School slips, falls top list of injuries for city workers


"STAMFORD - The Board of Education was the most injury-prone workplace this past fiscal year, with more claims than the police and fire departments."

Judge to hear Stamford, Turn of River fire dispute


"STAMFORD - After more than year, the struggle for control over fire protection in Turn of River's district is scheduled for trial before a judge on Wednesday."

Where's savings?


"To the editor: As a resident of the Turn of River Volunteer Fire Department district all my life, who has had many relatives involved with the department, I am appalled at the turn of events that has transpired after all the years of complete coverage, concern and safety for residents in the district. "

Trial is delayed on fire merger lawsuit


"STAMFORD - Turn of River Fire Department's case against the city has been pushed back to May 19 to give both sides more time to work out their differences."

Belltown department sues over budget


"STAMFORD - After losing nearly 90 percent of their funding in Mayor Dannel Malloy's spending plan for next fiscal year, Belltown Fire Department officials are taking the city to court."

City violated firefighter's rights, panel rules


"STAMFORD - The city discriminated against a firefighter with a learning disability by denying him extra time on a promotional test and it must be trained in disability law, state human rights officials ruled."

Belltown's safety


"The continuing feud between Mayor Malloy and the Belltown Fire Department has to end, and both parties must put Belltown citizens' safety first."

Fire system study gets go-ahead


"STAMFORD - The Board of Representatives this week approved a $132,000 study to assess the city's fire department and plan for the city's future needs."

Volunteers rap study of fire operations


"STAMFORD - Faced with dramatic growth in population and construction, officials want to assess fire protection provided by Stamford's hybrid system of paid and volunteer firefighters."

Police get high overall marks


"STAMFORD - An easy majority of Stamford residents who responded to a police survey feel safe, and about half think police handle their jobs extremely well, but minorities gave police lower ratings in most categories."

Mayor putting unfair pressure on fire department


"Mayor Dannel Malloy's bold lie that "there's no attempt to strong-arm" the Turn of River Fire Department is as outrageous as it is transparent - a whopper that is not just a smack in the face to Turn of River, but also an insult to the intelligence of the citizens of Stamford."

Others rush to aid Norwalk


"STAMFORD - Police departments from around the region and an American Red Cross chapter provided help after reports that Norwalk police officer was shot in the line of duty early yesterday morning."

Budget unifies pay for city firefighters


"STAMFORD - The Board of Finance this week unanimously approved a $3.6 million budget transfer from the Glenbrook, Belltown, and Turn of River volunteer fire departments to Stamford Fire & Rescue after last month's approval of a contract that unified all paid city firefighters."

Belltown's air horn is nostalgia with a purpose


"STAMFORD - Now that it once again is staffed by volunteers, Belltown Fire Department is making a lot of noise."

City wants $1.6M for police overtime overage


"STAMFORD - The city is asking for $1.6 million in emergency funds to cover the police department's overtime spending this year. "

Security Camera Plan Sparks Privacy Fight at Stamford Firehouse


"Connecticut - The union for paid firefighters has filed a grievance with the city over the installation of security cameras at the volunteer Springdale Fire Co., saying it's an illegal invasion of privacy."

Reps OK single contract for city's paid firefighters


"STAMFORD - The Board of Representatives has approved a pact that brings all of the city's paid firefighters under a single labor contract, taking Stamford one step closer to finalizing the merger of the paid and volunteer fire departments."

Tenant alerts others in quick-moving Stamford fire


"STAMFORD - A house in Stamford went up in flames Thursday after a fire quickly spread up three floors."

Belltown becomes all-volunteer unit


"STAMFORD - The Belltown Fire Department began a new era yesterday as a strictly volunteer department after refusing to cede control of its paid firefighters to Stamford Fire & Rescue."

Volunteer firefighting dispute still smolders


"STAMFORD - Elapsed training, dwindling volunteer membership and poor response from volunteer firefighters spawned a heated debate among the city, the fire union and three volunteer fire departments over whether the city has adequate protection."

4 fire recruits to join city force


"STAMFORD - Four Stamford Fire & Rescue candidates hired several months ago will be brought on board before the end of the month, city officials said Friday."

Fire rift escalates as Springdale chief locks out four


"STAMFORD - Springdale Fire Chief Shawn Fahan locked paid firefighters out of the firehouse last night over a spat about which radio system to use."

U.S. Army says soldier is alive and serving


"STAMFORD - The Glenbrook Fire Department volunteer believed to have been killed in the war is alive and well serving his country in the Middle East, a U.S. Army spokeswoman said yesterday."

Stamford extends fire contract as talks continue


"STAMFORD - Management agreements between the city and two volunteer fire departments that would have expired yesterday were extended two weeks as city officials continue to hash out plans to restructure the city's fire service."

Army investigates report of firefighter's death


"STAMFORD - The U.S. Army is trying to determine whether a report of a Stamford man dying in Iraq is a hoax."

Death of Stamford soldier a possible hoax


"STAMFORD -- The U.S. Army is trying to determine whether a report of a Stamford man killed in Iraq was a hoax."

City's pact with volunteer fire departments to expire


"STAMFORD - Just days before agreements between the city and three volunteer fire departments expire Tuesday, city officials - who in June announced plans to terminate the agreements as part of a restructuring - were unclear about city-paid firefighters staffing those departments after then."

Plan would favor police candidates from city


"STAMFORD - City legislators want to give preferential treatment to residents applying to become police officers."

City works to put new fire plan in place


"STAMFORD - Two weeks before a management agreement between the city and three volunteer firehouses expires, it remains unclear how those districts will be covered and what will happen to the city-paid firefighters that staff them."

Legislators disagree on effectiveness of fire system


"STAMFORD - A shortage of volunteers, lax training, poor organization and layoffs of paid firefighters have not convinced some city representatives that Stamford's complex fire system needs work."

Officer goes on paid leave after drug arrest


"STAMFORD - Stamford police have placed a rookie officer on paid leave after he was arrested in Bridgeport on Thursday with heroin in his car, officials and police sources said yesterday."

City projects $600K shortfall in June


"STAMFORD - The city is on track to end the fiscal year with a $600,000 deficit."

Finance board member has eye on city surplus


"STAMFORD - Finance board Chairwoman Mary Lou Rinaldi is calling on the mayor to set aside $350,000 of the city's $6.1 million surplus to keep the libraries open and the Bookmobile rolling, and to rehire firefighters who were laid off over the summer."

Paid firefighters to staff Glenbrook volunteer station


"STAMFORD - Glenbrook Fire Department has agreed to allow paid firefighters to staff its struggling volunteer station after a six-month feud with the city over staffing and spending at volunteer firehouses."

Police brass make case for hiring of new recruits


"STAMFORD - With the Stamford Police Department facing budget cuts, its assistant chiefs last night appealed to the Police Commission to hire new recruits to offset overtime pay and help halt rising violent crime."

Fire union files complaint over off-duty jobs


"STAMFORD - The state Labor Board will review off-duty hiring practices at the volunteer Turn of River Fire Department after the city fire union alleged favoritism by fire officials there."

Firehouses feel the heat


"STAMFORD - On average, less than one Glenbrook volunteer firefighter has responded to emergency calls since the layoff of paid firefighters there, according to the paid firefighters union."

Firefighter's discrimination charge clears legal hurdle


"STAMFORD - The state's human rights commission has denied the city's move to dismiss charges it wrongly denied a learning-disabled firefighter's request for extra time on a promotional test in 2002."

Despite offers, 8 must wait to become firefighters: Officials hope to get funds by end of year


"STAMFORD - A former fire commissioner's son and the son of a city representative were among eight new firefighters hired yesterday for positions to be filled when funding is available."

Panel set to list 8 firefighters for future posts


"STAMFORD - The city's Fire Commission called a special meeting for today to hire eight new firefighters although there is no funding for the positions."

Judge rejects plea from volunteers


"STAMFORD - A judge has denied attempts by Belltown and Glenbrook volunteer fire departments to reinstate the jobs of five career firefighters laid off last month after the departments backed out of a city consolidation plan to cut overtime costs and beef up fire protection."

Stamford officer faces dismissal for allegedly buying stolen goods


"STAMFORD - In a jailhouse interview this year, a confidential informant accused a Stamford officer of buying stolen grills, leaf blowers and power tools from him for 75 percent off retail value, an internal affairs report shows."

Connecticut Firefighter Layoffs Stay on Hold


"STAMFORD -- A judge ruled Monday that an injunction blocking the city's plan to lay off five paid firefighters will remain in effect until the matter is resolved through mediation."

Officials make plans to lay off firefighters


"STAMFORD - At least 10 paid firefighters at three of the Big Five volunteer departments could lose their jobs this week after the departments failed to agree on a city proposal to merge the volunteer and Stamford Fire & Rescue into one paid system."

Former volunteer fire chief says city plan would hinder response


"STAMFORD - A court hearing on whether to uphold Turn of River Fire Department's injunction against the city's plan to lay off its paid firefighters continued yesterday, with a former volunteer fire chief saying the cuts would lead to delayed responses to calls and decreased fire service."

5 paid city firefighters are laid off


"STAMFORD - Five career firefighters lost their jobs this week, after two volunteer fire departments pulled out of a city plan to merge with Stamford Fire & Rescue and are battling against the city for control of their firehouses."

Judge orders Turn of River fire dispute to mediation


"STAMFORD - A judge ordered Turn of River Fire Department and the city to seek mediation yesterday to resolve a dispute over whether Turn of River must participate in a plan to consolidate three volunteer fire departments into Stamford Fire & Rescue."

Belltown to join fire department merger


"STAMFORD - The Belltown Fire Department joined a city plan yesterday to consolidate three volunteer fire companies into Stamford Fire & Rescue, leaving Turn of River Fire Department the last department standing."

Glenbrook to merge with city fire services


"STAMFORD - Faced with budget cuts and layoff notices, the volunteer Glenbrook Fire Department buckled yesterday and agreed to join in a city proposal to merge its department with Stamford Fire & Rescue."

Board grants police dept. $1 million


"STAMFORD — Arguments between police officials and board of finance members over the budget created tension at Tuesday's board meeting."

Stamford won't create new rank for detectives


"STAMFORD - The city has nixed plans to grant officers in the detective bureau a raise or a new rank, ending for now a dispute that dates to 1972 and has roiled the department since 2003."

Stamford firefighter receives probation, suspended sentence


"NORWALK - A Stamford firefighter who poured spaghetti over his pregnant girlfriend and beat a Norwalk motorist during a separate road-rage incident was given a two-year suspended sentence and 30 months probation yesterday for both cases."

Department is a victim of its success


"Commentary - Stamford Chief of Police Brent Larrabee "

City police warn of officer shortage by fall


"STAMFORD - The police department could lose 40 officers to retirement and other job offers in the next six months, setting off a shortage that could increase overtime spending, officials said."

Ridgefield selectmen OK assistant fire chief candidate


"RIDGEFIELD -- The Board of Selectmen has given the OK to hire a Stamford firefighter as the town's assistant fire chief. Kevin Tappe is expected to be hired in the next month."

Brennan leaves Fire Commission


"STAMFORD - After 20 years on the Fire Commission, E. Gaynor Brennan Jr. has resigned."

Volunteer fire departments shrug at 3% budget increase


"STAMFORD - Most of the "Big Five" volunteer fire departments - Belltown, Glenbrook, Long Ridge, Springdale and Turn of River - expressed little to lukewarm support last night at a budget hearing for Mayor Dannel Malloy's proposed operational changes, study of the current fire system's coverage and budget requests for the departments."

Audits reveal some concerns in volunteer fire departments


"STAMFORD — Audits of the city's volunteer fire departments — inspired by a November probe revealing potential fraud and embezzlement at the Glenbrook station —showed mostly minor recommendations, with Long Ridge highlighted as an area of concern."

Fire engine pulled from Springdale


"STAMFORD - Springdale residents lack adequate fire protection because the Stamford Fire & Rescue chief pulled an automatic response engine from the Springdale volunteer department, the firefighters' union said."

Stamford Historical Society,


"Abstract: Includes: "A brief history of the Stamford Fire Department" by Kevin B. Tappe"

New officers join the Stamford ranks


"STAMFORD - For most of the 16 men and women in blue on stage last night, becoming a police officer was a lifelong dream."

Stamford firefighter arrested in Norwalk road-rage incident


"NORWALK -- A Stamford firefighter was arrested at his Norwalk home for allegedly dragging a city man out of his car and beating him following a road rage incident Monday night."

Police credit Tasers for drop in injuries


"STAMFORD - The police department has asked for 50 more Tasers, saying the stun guns have cut injuries to officers and suspects since police began using them in July."

Control of volunteer fire budgets to move to Public Safety


"STAMFORD - In a move to improve financial and operational oversight of the city's five volunteer fire departments, the mayor plans to give control of their budgets to the city's Public Safety Department."

Stamford welcomes 16 new firefighters


"STAMFORD - For firefighter Shawn Sasser, brotherhood extends beyond his fellow firefighters."

A HEATED DEBATE Career firefighters clash with volunteers over staffing, training


"STAMFORD - A firefighter with Long Ridge Fire Co. who complained to the state that he sometimes handles calls alone has raised questions about whether Stamford has adequate fire protection in all districts."

Firefighter records show no link between test scores, job offers


"STAMFORD - A year after revamping firefighter hiring procedures, a review of the applicants' scores shows those with the highest marks on the written test and interview are not always offered jobs."

Audits afloat as Board of Finance increases scrutiny


"STAMFORD - The chairman of the Board of Finance Audit Committee on Friday said he plans to intensify his effort to inspect city government, after the launch of a criminal investigation last month into possible fraud and embezzlement at the Glenbrook Fire Department."

Stamford's Lone Female Firefighter Files Complaint


"STAMFORD -- Stamford's only female firefighter filed a grievance with the city and fire chief after a volunteer assistant chief allegedly tried to remove her from the Springdale firehouse."

Understaffed Stamford Police force receive over 200 officer applicants


"STAMFORD — The police department's recent recruiting push resulted in 228 applicants, Director of Human Resources Dennis Murphy said Jan. 17."

Stamford's top earners


"All of top 250 highest-paid city employees for 2006 earned $108,745 or more. Most are police officers, firefighters and school administrators."

Police gain settlement, boost in overtime funds


"STAMFORD — The police union recently agreed to pay the city $90,000 to reimburse tax payers for overtime funds expended during an alleged "sick out." Soon after, the Board of Finance approved $500,000 to bolster the police department's dwindling overtime account."

Police probe alleged fraud at Glenbrook Fire Department


"STAMFORD - City police have launched a criminal investigation into possible fraud and embezzlement in the Glenbrook Fire Department."

State official: Disability rights apply on fire captain test


"STAMFORD - A state human rights investigator has faulted the city for denying a learning-disabled firefighter's request for extra time on a test for captain's rank, documents show."

Stamford still not in full compliance with laws on meetings


"STAMFORD - A year after the mayor reminded the chairmen of all city boards and commissions that they must follow open government laws, some have yet to comply fully."

Cops recruited to boost low staffing


no description

Assistant police chief breaks new ground


"STAMFORD -- Susan Bretthauer is a pioneer in the Stamford police department."

Commission still untrained in information laws


"STAMFORD -- Nearly nine months after the city agreed to train fire commissioners about open-records laws, it has yet to uphold its end of the bargain."

Glenbrook fire official responds to audit


"STAMFORD - The Glenbrook Fire Department's president said yesterday the lackluster financial controls uncovered by a recent audit were intended to ease the burden on volunteers who run it."

Board of finance witholds funds and requires more detailed documentation


"STAMFORD — The Board of Finance unanimously voted Monday to withhold more than $600,000 in requested funds, pending further detail from city departments."

Police panel shirks laws to hold meeting


"STAMFORD - The Police Commission barred the public from a special meeting Saturday to discuss undisclosed personnel issues and switched the site of the meeting at the last minute."

New assistant chief is pioneer for the police


"STAMFORD - Assistant police chief Susan Bretthauer is used to being first."

State to probe volunteer fire unit


"STAMFORD - State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is investigating financial mismanagement and possible embezzlement within the Glenbrook Fire Department."

Police sickout 'appears to be over,' city officials say


"STAMFORD - Police absences dropped back to normal levels yesterday, and city officials speculated the alleged police sickout was over after nine days and about $100,000 in overtime costs."

Police, union at odds over alleged 'sick out'


"STAMFORD — City and police department officials are currently investigating what they believe to be a "sick out" organized by the police union."

Glenbrook audit leads to call for more reviews


"STAMFORD - One day after an audit revealed sloppy bookkeeping, excessive spending and possible fraud in the Glenbrook Fire Department, city officials announced plans to review the finances of the city's four other volunteer fire houses."

Audit faults Glenbrook Fire Dept.


"STAMFORD - A new audit has found financial mismanagement and unauthorized spending in the Glenbrook Fire Department."

City to hire 8 new firefighters


"STAMFORD - Stamford Fire & Rescue and Turn of River fire departments were recently granted approval to hire eight firefighters to help ease overburdened staff and cut down on rising overtime costs."

Power struggle over fire company continues


"STAMFORD -- In the ongoing power struggle between the city and the Springdale Fire Company over control of the volunteer organization, arbitrators recently ruled the city violated its alliance with the company when it transferred two firefighters from there four years ago."

Police look to boost recruiting


"STAMFORD -- Faced with a recruiting crisis, the police department may do away with the requirement that all officers have at least some college credits, officials said this week."

The Advocate: Police union fights fitness proposal


"STAMFORD -- The police union is fighting a city proposal to penalize overweight officers and those who cannot meet physical fitness standards for recruits, state and police officials said."

Five years later: Funding for security falls


"STAMFORD -- Five years after the worst terrorist attacks on American soil, the city's share of homeland security funding is plummeting."

Compromise reached on police tattoos


"STAMFORD -- Officer Michael Merenda, who has a tattoo of a cross on his forearm, was not about to give up the right to have visible tattoos while in uniform."

Tarzia suggests need for Web use inquiry


"STAMFORD -- The Board of Finance's Audit Committee wants to know whether city managers are surfing the Internet inappropriately."

Board OKs audit of Glenbrook Fire Department


"STAMFORD -- A Board of Finance committee yesterday authorized a full forensic audit of the Glenbrook Volunteer Fire Department after auditors found too many "red flags" to ignore a possible misuse of funds."

Plans speed up to replace radio system


"STAMFORD -- A $15.2 million project to replace the city's outdated emergency radio system may be installed by the end of 2007, two years earlier than previously expected, according to a city official."

Stamford police may find jobs tough to fill


"STAMFORD -- The city recently approved plans to boost the size of its police force 13 percent in the next five years, but it can expect to face an increasingly tight job market for recruits."

Police overtime to cost Stamford $4.8 million


"STAMFORD -- The police department spent a record $4.8 million in overtime in 2005-06, up from just over $3 million the previous fiscal year, according to final budget figures released yesterday."

Audit targets Glenbrook fire department


"STAMFORD -- After questions were raised about the finances of the Glenbrook Volunteer Fire Department, city officials plan to hire an auditor to investigate."

Assistant chiefs looking forward to their next assignment


"STAMFORD -- With more than 60 years of service between them, assistant chiefs John Geter and Richard Priolo said goodbye yesterday to the police department they've served and cherished."

Tarzia takes issue with some police overtime


"STAMFORD -- The Police Department has spent nearly $46,000 this year paying officers for 881 hours they did not work due to a contractual obligation."

Information curtailed in hiring process for firefighters


"STAMFORD -- Three months after adopting new hiring procedures to instill public confidence in the hiring of city firefighters, the Fire Commission is releasing interview scores only to applicants who request them."

Commission appoints a dozen new firefighters


"STAMFORD -- The city's Fire Commission voted to appoint a dozen firefighters last night after allegations of nepotism earlier this year prompted them to reinterview nearly 120 job candidates."

Fire Commission's hiring practices were 'not inappropriate'


"STAMFORD -- City Director of Human Resources Dennis Murphy has ruled that the Fire Commission's controversial hiring procedures were not inappropriate."

Fire Commission plans to change hiring policy


"STAMFORD -- The Fire Commission has adopted new hiring procedures following criticism that members tried to hire their friends and relatives over more qualified applicants."

Stamford takes stock of police attendance, officials say


"STAMFORD -- After a string of critical audits that date back eight years, the city is keeping a closer eye on attendance, side jobs and sick days in the police department, officials said yesterday."

The Advocate: Stamford Fire Commission prepares for more thorough interviews


"STAMFORD -- The Fire Commission, which took heat for spending only a few minutes with firefighter candidates last fall, plans to spend up to 36 hours reinterviewing applicants this spring."

Firefighters contract set for a vote


"NORWALK -- The Common Council's Personnel Committee last night offered kind words for the proposed firefighters' contract but did not make a formal recommendation on how the full legislative body should vote on the pact Tuesday night."

Police, fire officials resist proposed payroll shift


"STAMFORD -- Board of Finance officials want the police and fire departments to join the city's automated payroll system, but officials say the plan has problems"

Finance board OKs overtime


"STAMFORD -- The Board of Finance last night approved more than $1 million in additional funding for public safety workers, but members warned that the city must take better control of overtime costs."

Rising OT costs prompt requests for more money


"STAMFORD -- With more than four months left in the budget year, public safety officials are seeking $1.1 million to cover costs from severe weather, injuries on duty and other expenses."

City approves firefighters contract


"STAMFORD -- The Board of Representative unanimously approved a four-year contract for the majority of the city's firefighters last night."

The Advocate: City panels often leave public in the dark: Meeting reports flood in after nudge from mayor


"STAMFORD -- The Fire Commission's lax record keeping has revealed a system in which some city boards and commissions that make important policy decisions and spend public money are operating in virtual secrecy."

The Advocate: Lawyer: Officials to blame for baby in car incident


"STAMFORD -- Police and fire officials, not the woman whose 2-year-old son was locked in a car at Bull's Head on a hot July day, should take the blame for any delay or difficulties extracting him, her attorney said yesterday."

The Advocate: With mayor's backing, fire contract heads for reps


"STAMFORD -- City officials will get another chance to reach a settlement with the firefighters' union, which a few months ago rejected a previous contract."

The Advocate: The 'IN' crowd: Police captain tops list of Stamford's 100 highest-paid city employees


"STAMFORD -- A change in leadership of city schools has cleared room at the top for police Capt. Richard Conklin to become the highest-paid municipal employee in 2005."

The Advocate: Fire panel will start over in hiring alternates


"STAMFORD -- The Fire Commission last night threw out the list of alternates next in line for firefighting jobs and agreed to reinterview nearly 120 job candidates."

City workers ponder break with Teamsters


"STAMFORD -- Members of a union that represents nearly 150 city public works employees will vote next month on whether to sever ties with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters."

Family sues Stamford over police officer's death


"STAMFORD - The family of a city police sergeant, who died after suffering a heart attack on the job, has filed a lawsuit against the city accusing it of negligence in training officers in CPR and the use of life-saving heart defibrillators."

Malloy calls for review of fire commission


"STAMFORD -- Mayor Dannel Malloy has ordered an internal investigation into the fire and police commission practices amid accusations the Fire Commission hired friends and relatives over more qualified applicants."

Fire Commission hiring records unavailable


"STAMFORD -- The Fire Commission has not made public the records of meetings at which it decided the mayor's nephew and a commissioner's son would be next in line for firefighting jobs."

Mayoral hopeful attacks Malloy over emergency radio system


"STAMFORD -- Republican mayoral candidate Christopher Munger accused Mayor Dannel Malloy yesterday of dragging his feet on a planned $17 million replacement of the city's outdated emergency radio system."



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Firefighters, Stamford Mayor Settle Suit


"Seeking to avoid an expensive and contentious trial, attorneys have settled eight years of litigation between Stamford firefighters and Mayor Dannel Malloy, a leading Democratic candidate for governor."

The Advocate: Long Ridge fire station to remain autonomous


"STAMFORD -- The city and the Long Ridge Volunteer Fire Company have settled a 7-year-old lawsuit over who controls fire protection in North Stamford."

Plan to reduce firefighters' overtime takes heat


"STAMFORD -- A plan to reduce overtime spending for firefighting has city officials scrambling to make sure it doesn't cost money instead of saving it."

New police chief selected


"STAMFORD -- Mayor Dannel Malloy introduced Brent Larrabee as the city's new police chief yesterday, saying the former Framingham, Mass., chief was the right person to re-establish community policing and guide the department through next year's contract negotiations."

Ex-firefighter loses discrimination lawsuit


"STAMFORD -- A former city firefighter has lost a federal discrimination lawsuit against the city."

Man sues over 911 response


"STAMFORD -- A city man who called police to settle a dispute with his landlady in October is questioning in a federal lawsuit why her police officer son responded to a 911 call for help."

Fire officials want to keep perks (preferences) for Stamford applicants


"STAMFORD -- The city wants to continue giving residents a leg up on out-of-town applicants for firefighting jobs.A proposed ordinance would extend a policy that gives applicants who have lived in Stamford for at least 12 months five extra points on the written firefighter's exam."

Stamford, Norwalk receive grants for fire equipment


"Fire departments in Stamford and Norwalk have won federal grants to purchase firefighting equipment."

Commission rules pension board meetings are open to the public


"HARTFORD -- The state Freedom of Information Commission ruled unanimously yesterday that Stamford's police and fire department pension boards are public agencies and therefore required to open their meetings and records to the public."

Mixed reviews for list of Stamford police chief finalists


"STAMFORD -- Police union officials criticized Mayor Dannel Malloy yesterday for not including Stamford officers among the finalists for the police chief position, but privately many officers said they preferred the new chief come from outside the department."

Departing chief looks back fondly at career


"STAMFORD -- While Louis DeCarlo says heading the Stamford Police Department was the highlight of his career, it won't be what he misses most now that he's off the job."

Malloy announces three police chief finalists


"STAMFORD -- Two former police chiefs from Massachusetts and a female deputy chief in Bridgeport are finalists for chief of the Stamford police."

Stamford charter-change results are uncertain


"STAMFORD - As of 1:30 a.m., Stamford officials had not yet released the results from the 10 yes-or-no Charter revision questions stripped across the top of the ballot. Town and City Clerk Donna Loglisci said the results would not be available until tomorrow afternoon."

Wanted: Replacement for Stamford police chief


"STAMFORD -- Police Chief Louis DeCarlo leaves office at the end of the week and there is still no announcement about his replacement."

Police, union protest city charter change


"STAMFORD -- About 200 police officers and members of the city's largest labor union rallied outside the Stamford Government Center yesterday to protest a ballot proposal that would give the mayor and 17 other nonunion city employees access to the union's pension plan."

City may change provisions for extra-duty police work


"STAMFORD -- City officials are looking to change lucrative provisions in the police union's contract when negotiations begin in January."

Lawyer pleads guilty to series of arson fires


"STAMFORD -- Stamford lawyer Constance Krehbiel returned home to the same street where she set a series of fires last year after pleading guilty yesterday to four counts of arson"

Audit raises questions about police department overtime pay


"STAMFORD -- An audit released yesterday found few issues with overtime management by the city's Office of Operations and Stamford Fire & Rescue, but found several problems in the overtime of the Stamford Police Department."

Officer lodges racism complaint


"STAMFORD -- A black police officer has filed a complaint against the Stamford Police Department, saying he was not promoted because of his race and national origin."

Stamford officers demand reassignments


"STAMFORD -- In an extraordinary protest, more than 40 police officers are demanding transfers from their jobs as detectives and school resource officers, saying they were forced into the jobs and not properly trained and compensated."

The Advocate: City wins most counts in Long Ridge Fire Co. lawsuit


"STAMFORD - A Superior Court judge in Waterbury dismissed the bulk of a long-running lawsuit against the city by members of the Long Ridge Fire Company."

Stamford Finance Board backs firefighter contract extension


"STAMFORD -- The Board of Finance last night unanimously supported extending, for one year, the contract with the city's downtown firefighters."

Carozza ends long tenure as firefighters' union head


"WATERBURYAn era ended Thursday night as Pete Carozza decided not to seek another term as president of the firefighters' union he has led for a quarter century. "

Police department buys cell phones


"STAMFORD -- The police department has purchased 21 additional cell phones and authorized two double patrols to ease concerns about risks to officers caused by a spotty radio system."

Police union proposes short-term fixes for radio problem


"STAMFORD -- Hoping to inspire immediate action, the Stamford police union proposed two short-term fixes for the city's flawed radio system at yesterday's monthly police commission meeting."

Stamford Board of Finance OKs $500K in workers' comp funds


"STAMFORD -- The Board of Finance last night approved nearly $500,000 in extra funding for workers' compensation claims, but some board members said they were disappointed more isn't being done to contain such costs."

Promoting from the ranks has best result


"I have been accused at times of being provincial when it comes to some issues concerning Stamford. Friends tell me that isn't always a bad quality to have."

Mayor Names Stamford Native As Next Fire Chief


"STAMFORD - Mayor Dannel Malloy named Assistant Fire Chief Robert McGrath yesterday as his choice for Stamford's new fire chief."

Wife, Fire Department Remember Chief Hoyt


"STAMFORD - A Stamford native who spent the past 20 years fighting fires has lost his battle with cancer. "

Board Of Finance OKs New Mill Rates


"STAMFORD - The Stamford Board of Finance approved tax rates last night that would raise the average bill for one- to three-family homes by an average 1.9 percent."

Fire Chief Milone To Step Down


"Stamford Fire Chief Anthony Milone said yesterday he will retire in July, ending a 41-year career."