Stratford senior police official suspended for cover-up


"STRATFORD -- A senior police official accused of trying to cover up the fact that another officer was driving around town in a stolen car has been suspended without pay for 30 days."

Stratford EMS Lieutenant Says His Services 'No Longer Required'


"It is with considerable sadness that I am making my last trip to Stratford EMS Headquarters this week. I am instructed to return any EMS-issued equipment because my services as a volunteer are no longer required."

Second Letter Emerges in EMS Saga


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No arrests planned in Stratford cop, resident clash


"Detective William Jennings, a veteran officer with 23 years on the force, was accused of assault April 18 by David Fredericks, a 39-year-old landscaping business owner, during a dispute outside Fredericks' home on Chapel Street about 7 p.m."

Stratford Crushed by town pensions


"STRATFORD -- If you've retired from the town in the last five years, you are likely earning a pension that is greater than or nearly equal to your former salary."

Replacement vehicles frustrate Stratford Fire Department


"STRATFORD -- The Fire Department is still having problems finding replacement trucks, five months after two of its rigs were clobbered in an accident on Interstate 95."

One damaged Stratford firetruck set for July return


"STRATFORD ---- The first of two fire engines badly damaged in an icy Interstate 95 crash Jan. 7 should be back in service by late June, acting Fire Chief Brian Lampart said Friday."

New director bringing changes to Stratford EMS


"The new top dog at EMS is 39-year-old Philip Onofrio, a soft, unassuming father, recreational pilot and Beacon Falls resident with 20 years experience."

In Stratford, pensions top salaries for some new retirees


"STRATFORD -- Five of six town employees who retired in January and for whom human resources officials provided pension data are earning more or nearly the same amount of money in retirement they did while working."

State tells Stratford to reinstate LoSchiavo to police force


"STRATFORD -- A seizure-prone police officer, fired last year for withholding information about his medical history after he crashed a police cruiser while having a seizure, must be reinstated to his job as a patrol officer, a state labor board ruled."

Pension plans in Stratford still feeling the strain


"STRATFORD -- Taxpayers who thought a new agreement to overhaul the Police Department pension plan would mean immediate savings on their tax bills might want to ponder the cases of Ellen Murray and Anthony Herbon."

Pension plans in Stratford still feeling the strain


"STRATFORD -- Taxpayers who thought a new agreement to overhaul the Police Department pension plan would mean immediate savings on their tax bills might want to ponder the cases of Ellen Murray and Anthony Herbon."

Two more Stratford fire engines out of commission


"STRATFORD -- The fire department is still having problems trying to find replacement trucks to use in the wake of the Interstate 95 accident last month that left two of its rigs severely damaged."

Officials: 2 firetrucks lost in crash saved lives


"STRATFORD ---- The Stratford Fire Department is reeling after the sudden loss of two of its fire engines in a crash on Interstate 95 in which one tractor-trailer slammed into Engine 1, and another into Engine 5."

Don't forget dedication of EMS volunteers


"Many people often wonder what the difference is between a volunteer EMS member and paid EMS employee."

Stratford fires LoSchiavo for conduct unbecoming an officer


"STRATFORD -- Seizure-prone Police Officer Justin LoSchiavo has been fired, but did not lose his job for crashing his cruiser into four cars while in the throes of a seizure last June, but for displaying a lack of "integrity and attention to duty" and "conduct unbecoming an officer," Mayor John A. Harkins said Wednesday."

Memorial Friday for police dog Zak


"A memorial service for Zak, a Stratford Police dog, will be held Friday, Jan. 8, in the auditorium at the Birdseye Municipal Complex, 488 Birdseye St."

Police promote four officers


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Stratford firetruck breaks down on way to call


"STRATFORD -- The town's busiest firetruck, Engine 1, out of Fire Headquarters on Main Street, broke down -- as it has on several recent occasions -- on the way to a structure fire call Sunday morning, further fueling a raging debate between fire officials and council leaders with Mayor James R. Miron about whether there is an "emergency" need for new equipment."

Working hard as mayor, but not bending the rules


"Another example of these people's politics of personal destruction has to do with the recent discussion regarding fire trucks."

Stratford officials urge outgoing mayor to sign emergency order for new fire trucks


"STRATFORD -- Fire officials and the Town Council Monday night urged outgoing Mayor James R. Miron to reconsider his refusal to sign an emergency order for acquisition of two new firetrucks for little more than the price of one -- a "bargain deal" they said will likely be lost if the town doesn't act quickly."

Stratford officials urge outgoing mayor to sign emergency order for new fire trucks


"STRATFORD -- Fire officials and the Town Council Monday night urged outgoing Mayor James R. Miron to reconsider his refusal to sign an emergency order for acquisition of two new firetrucks for little more than the price of one -- a "bargain deal" they said will likely be lost if the town doesn't act quickly."

Stratford council pays ex-chief's legal bills


"STRATFORD -- Former Fire Chief John J. Cybart, who retired in January at age 54 while facing termination by Mayor James R. Miron for overseeing a bidding process for a new fire truck that sparked controversy, has won Town Council support to pay some of his legal bills."

Stratford hires another retiree for FD


"STRATFORD ---- For the second time in three months, town officials are filling a fire supervisory position from the ranks of the retired."

Miron names interim Stratford fire chief


"James J. Cavanaugh, formerly the fire chief in Waterbury, has been appointed by Mayor James R. Miron fill in for Fire Chief John J. Cybart."

Fire chief faces termination hearingCybart faces termination hearing in Stratford


"STRATFORD -- The public can get a front-row seat Wednesday when Fire Chief John J. Cybart faces termination at a disciplinary hearing scheduled by officials investigating the fallout from what they say is a tainted bidding process for a new firetruck."

Mayor's brother sues over records flap


"STRATFORD -- Christian Miron, the brother of Mayor James R. Miron, is seeking monetary damages in a defamation lawsuit filed this week against the Stratford police union, current and former union leaders and Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, over what he contends was the improper release of his personnel records when he applied to become a police officer in March."

Firetruck controversy reignites


"STRATFORD -- Fire Chief John Cybart isn't the only one under fire by town officials for a potential conflict of interest involving the bidding and selection process for buying a new firetruck for more than a half-million dollars."

Fire chief faces dismissal


"Fire Chief John Cybart faces dismissal amid charges of misconduct related to bids for a new fire truck."

Kindergartner hailed as hero after saving family from fire


"Emily Ingersoll — a “little peanut” of a girl, according to her mother, Jennifer — is Stratford’s newest and littlest hero."

Police chief accused of 'anti-union campaign'


"STRATFORD -- There was a dramatic confrontation Sunday in the most unlikeliest of places -- the Stratford Library -- between the brother of a police captain demoted last week to sergeant and suspended for three months without pay, and Police Chief John Buturla."

Stratford police union votes 'no confidence' in chief


"STRATFORD -- The Stratford Police Union voted overwhelmingly Monday to issue a "Vote of No Confidence" in Police Chief John Buturla, citing the chief's "anti-union campaign" that has included leading a "politically motivated" internal investigation that resulted last week in the demotion and three-month suspension without pay of Union President Capt. Joseph McNeil."

Report: Police officers distributed applicant's file


"STRATFORD -- Capt. Joseph McNeil, the head of the police union, and former Sgt. Shawn Farmer acted together earlier this year to release the personal background file of one-time officer applicant Christian Miron, the brother of Mayor James R. Miron, according to a disciplinary report released Thursday."

HQ in the works for Stratford EMS


"STRATFORD -- Donna Best, chief of the town's 120-member Emergency Medical Services unit, remembers when her department was "temporarily" assigned to a cramped section of the basement at Police Department headquarters -- 31 years ago."

Police union head suspended


"STRATFORD -- Police Union President Joseph McNeil was demoted from the rank of captain to sergeant on Tuesday and suspended without pay for three months for his alleged role in the illegal leak earlier this year of personal background on former police applicant Christian Miron, the brother of Mayor James R. Miron."

Pension committee drops bad news at town hall's doorstep


"According to findings from a special committee to examine how the town's Pension Fund is managed, the town is either going to have to do something about skyrocketing pension costs soon, or pay some serious consequences later."

Cops descend on town hall to support one of their own


"Though the upper echelon of the Stratford Police Department hasn't officially come out with an answer to a months-long internal affairs investigation into an incident that happened in March, Stratford's police union, Local 407, wasn't waiting."

McNeill appears before Stratford panel


"STRATFORD -- More than 70 police officers converged on Town Hall Thursday afternoon to show support for their union president facing a disciplinary hearing behind closed doors."

Stratford fire apparatus sidelined


"STRATFORD — Two of the town's six fire engines had to be yanked from service Monday for repairs."

Mayor's brother not among police rookies


"STRATFORD — With the hiring of 14 new police officers — 12 of whom are now in training — the town's police ranks will be at the full authorized level of 112 officers for the first time in a decade, according to police officials."

Council chair scolded for supporting leak


"STRATFORD — The recent leak of personnel information for police officer job applicant Christian Miron — brother of Mayor James R. Miron — sparked debate during Monday night's Town Council meeting."

Stratford Police Department under microscope


"Stratford (WTNH) _ The Stratford Police Department is under the microscope Wednesday evening. Claims of nepotism and sloppy hiring practices have some asking questions. In the middle of it all is the mayor's brother."

Fire Dept. sounds alarm over fire truck


"The Town Council, the mayor and the fire department are currently scrambling to find a way to quickly replace a 17-year-old fire engine that firefighters who use it say is long past its prime."

Firetruck demand ignites council fight


"STRATFORD — Public safety is in jeopardy because the Fire Department's most frequently used firetruck, Engine No. 2, breaks down regularly and needs to be replaced immediately, fire officials told the Town Council."

Stratford targeting public pensions


"STRATFORD — When longtime Police Capt. Gene Vedock, former commander of the midnight shift, retired a year ago after 27 years in the department, his annual pension of $107,000 made him the "poster boy" for angry taxpayers who complain that inflated pension benefits are bankrupting the town."

Garage fire damages Stratford home


"STRATFORD — A Hazelwood Terrace home suffered extensive fire damage Friday afternoon."

Retiring officers honored


"Stratford police officers and officials mingled with dignitaries, friends and family members at Stratford High School Sunday to honor eight retiring officers,seven who have been promoted, and seven more who have just joined the force."

Police promotions Jan. 13


"The department's annual promotions and awards ceremony will be held Jan. 13, 2 p.m. Sunday at the Stratford High School auditorium."

Retirements could mean restructuring


"The Stratford Police Department will undergoing a facelift in the coming months as seven veterans with 25 years or more of service retire. Other officers will receive promotions and transfers within the department, and Chief John Buturla plans to restructure the department as well."

Stratford police retirements force changes


"STRATFORD — With seven upcoming retirements, including three captains, the Police Department is about to undergo a major restructuring — the second in as many years — just after New Year's Day."

Kubic named emergency stand-in


"The new Town Council quickly took action to change the town charter in regards to a substitute for the mayor in a time of emergency, unanimously appointing new councilman Joseph Kubic to fulfill that responsibility if the need arises."

Police may restructure


"Police Chief John Buturla is planning to reorganize the police department's command structure early next year to improve the department's flexibility and effectiveness."

Stratford honors N.


"Nine years ago, New Jersey volunteer firefighter Paul Berman and a colleague tried to save two children from a burning building in their town."

Fire Pension trimmed down


"According to Stratford Mayor James Miron, the days when town employees retired on an annual pension that was on average, many tens of thousands of dollars above what their take-home pay was, are just about over."

Town wins arbitration battle


"A state labor arbitration panel handed the town a victory last month in a 10-year battle with the firefighters' union over the Fire Department pension fund."

Mayor shakes tree, $1.2 million falls out


"This time of year is usually the time when Stratford's boaters haul their boats out of the water, check for leaks and if they aren't too big, patch them right up."

Lives of firefighters remembered


"STRATFORD — After risking death in Iraq for a year as a U.S. Marine Corps firefighter, Michael C. Reilly returned to his job fighting fires in town in April 2006."

Stratford cop shoots daughter


"When a security light lit up in his yard an hour after midnight Monday, off-duty New Haven police officer Eric Scott thought he might have an intruder on his hands."

Taking On a New Challenge in Stratford


"John Buturla welled with emotion as he was sworn in as the town's ninth police chief in March by his brother, Town Attorney Richard Buturla, to take command of the department where their late father had served for years as a captain."

Mayor looking to add three police officers to budget


"When the budget is finally approved, the Stratford Police Department may be adding three new police officers to its roster. "

Retiring Police Chief Michael Imbro asks,


"Police Chief Michael Imbro has devoted so much of his life to police work and the Stratford Police Department over the past 38 years he finds it hard to conceive of doing anything else."

John Buturla selected as town's ninth police chief


"Stratford's next police chief is a veteran law enforcement official with deep roots in the town."

Buturla new police chief


"The Stratford Bard is Stratford Connecticut's primary weekly newspaper."

Fire, Police have promotion ceremonies


"The Fire Department recently had an official swearing-in ceremony for the new Chief, John Cybart, who took over a few months ago after then Chief Ron Nattrass retired."

Town clerk, police chief opt to retire


"STRATFORD — Longtime Town Clerk Patricia Ulatowski and Police Chief Michael Imbro took weeks to decide whether to accept the town's "executive retirement" offer that will mean 2 percent annual pension increases for life."

New cops take over for Stratford Vets


"STRATFORD — Two of the town's top three police officials have retired, and their replacements were sworn in Sunday during a ceremony at Stratford High School attended by nearly 300 people."

Cybart fire chief


"STRATFORD - Former Deputy Chief John Cybart has not had a lot of time to bask his recent promotion to chief, since the promotion is just one of many other events happening at the Stratford Fire Department."

Fire chief set to retire in Stratford


"Fire Chief Ron Nattrass will retire Jan. 2 after serving in the department since 1994 and as chief the past seven years."

Harkins secures valuable grant for 'Eagle One'


"Eagle One is a retired 1968 Belle formerly of the United States National Guard. "

You could say this car is electrifying


"Andy Maciejczyk bought an old Volkswagen Golf for $500 and promptly got rid of the useless parts — the exhaust system, the engine, the gas tank to make room for the batteries."

Chemical company fire raises concerns


"STRATFORD — About 100 pounds of hazardous materials caught fire Thursday at Flow Polymers Inc. on Stratford Avenue, causing extensive smoke and water damage to the building and generating potentially harmful fumes."

Stratford mourns NYC firefighter, former town fireman also fought in Iraq


"Michael C. Reilly, 25, a former Stratford firefighter who joined the New York Fire Department in July, died fighting a blaze in the Bronx on Sunday."

Stratford remembers NYC firefighter


"Reilly, a resident of Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County, N.Y., died fighting a blaze just two months after realizing his dream by joining the nation's largest firefighting force in New York City."

Fire leaves 13 homeless


"BRIDGEPORT — One person was injured and 13 people, including four children, were left homeless when fire heavily damaged an East End apartment building Sunday morning."

Stratford goes high-tech for public safety


"STRATFORD — Three dispatchers sat behind a futuristic-looking circular desk in the new Public Safety Communications Center at Fire Headquarters on Thursday, busily answering emergency police, fire and EMS calls."

RESCUE BY STRATFORD FIREFIGHTERS, Driver escapes death as payloader topples


"STRATFORD — A South Windsor man narrowly escaped death Thursday when an 80,000-pound payloader fell off a flatbed truck and crushed his Honda Accord."

$130,000 delayed for heating fix


"STRATFORD — The town is withholding about $130,000 from a contractor until a heating system in the new Fire Department building on Main Street is fixed."

Print Article


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Town lays off popular animal officer


no description

Stratford budget may shave safety


no description

14 years later, fire HQ on target


"STRATFORD — Town officials still plan on a spring completion for the town's new Fire Department headquarters, a project that has been in the works nearly 15 years."

Police shooting is rare case of deadly force


"Police officers' shooting of an armed man Saturday was a rare instance of Stratford police using deadly force against a civilian, according to a longtime official. "

Firefighters get new contract


"STRATFORD - The Town Council unanimously approved a new four-year contract for the firefighters Monday night."

Fire headquarters' completion delayed


"STRATFORD - Completion of the town's new Fire Department headquarters on Main Street will be delayed for at least 20 days, possibly longer, officials said."

Untitled document


no description

Untitled document


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Stratford Fire Department adds personal watercraft to its rescue arsenal


"Stratford, CT: Launched with the help of two new $10,000 Sea Doos on loan from Gargano’s of East Haven, the jet boat program is ready to send rescuers to where the public likes to go: out on local waters."

New Stratford firehouse dead issue unless councilman relents


"STRATFORD Town and fire officials were stunned this week when a proposal for a new $6 million fire headquarters to replace the dilapidated 62-year-old Main Street building failed to gain enough Town Council votes for approval."

Town of Stratford OKs new fire headquarters


"STRATFORD: A long-awaited new $6 million fire headquarters will replace the current 60-year old Main Street building, now that plans have been unanimously approved by the Town Council, acting in its capacity as the Ordinance Committee. "

Stratford zoners getting fire HQ 1st look, proposal hounded by disputes


"STRATFORD -- Long-awaited plans to build a $7 million fire headquarters will be unveiled at a Zoning Commission meeting in two weeks. "

Stratford Fire department installs chaplains after long gap - New Haven Register


"Bagpipes and a full color guard marked the occasion Wednesday as the Fire Department installed its first chaplains in about two decades. "

Democrats defend contract decision - New Haven Register


"Town Council Democrats said Tuesday their controversial decision not to award the design contract for the new firehouse-EMS complex to the low bidder was based on the merits of the winning proposal "

Stratford drill goes alarmingly well


no description

Survivors sue town in death


"STRATFORD - The family of a local man who was dropped while paramedics were placing him in an ambulance and later died is suing the town, Stratford Emergency Medical Services and three EMS members."

EMS members protest administrative cut during council sesion


"STRATFORD — Nearly 100 members of the Stratford Emergency Medical Service demonstrated outside Town Hall Monday during a Town Council meeting to get their administrator’s position restored."

Barnhart checks Stratford EMS rally materials


"STRATFORD - Town Manager Mark Barnhart, along with the police chief and deputy police chief, walked into Emergency Medical Service headquarters Wednesday and took petitions, orange ribbons and postcards that the volunteer service is using to protest last week's budget cut. "