Cohanzie fire chief suspended, barred from the department


"Waterford - Cohanzie Fire Chief Tony Macrino has been suspended from his post and barred from the fire station and attending fire calls, officials said late last week."

Where's the fire? It's in the firehouse


"Catching up now, with the holidays past, we return to a story that broke just before Christmas, one that raises, once again, the question: Why are so many firefighters so childish?"

After 40 Years In Law Enforcement, Waterford Deputy Chief Is Retiring


"On Friday, Waterford Police Department Deputy Chief Max Thiel ended his 40-year law enforcement career. He spent 12 of those years at Waterford and 25 of them at the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Waterford Police Report Midnight-Shift Violations


"Waterford — Three police officers and a sergeant on the midnight shift were doing a whole lot of nothing when they were supposed to be working, according to an internal investigation the department released this week."

RTM To Act On Plan For New Radio System


"Waterford — The Representative Town Meeting tonight will consider approving $6.49 million in town funds to pay for a new “trunked” communications system."

RTM To Act On Plan For New Radio System


"Waterford — The Representative Town Meeting tonight will consider approving $6.49 million in town funds to pay for a new “trunked” communications system. "

Waterford-based Company celebrates Five Decades of Serving Fire Service


"Firefighters have been running into burning buildings for a long time, but it takes a place like Shipman's to outfit them with the latest safety gear."

Police: Kids Home Alone When Fire Broke Out


"Waterford — In several telephone calls, Edwina “Sue” Naholnik's 11-year-old grandson told her their house was full of smoke. He begged his grandmother to come home, sobbing as he, his 10-year-old sister and 7-year-old cousin — all home alone — waited to find out what to do."

Leaky Firehouse Has A List Of Problems


"Waterford — Firefighters at the Jordan Fire Department have found creative ways to fix their firehouse over the years."

Waterford Man Arrested for Driving Into Firefighter


"Waterford - A local man was charged today with assault on a public safety officer after fire officials said he struck a firefighter with his SUV."

Engineer: Firehouse Can Be Repaired


"Waterford - The principal engineer responsible for a structural survey of Jordan Village firehouse said he believes the building is "repairable." "

Battle Brewing Over Long-range Planning For Fire Service


"Waterford -- Firefighters and finance officials hoping to collaborate on long-term planning for the fire service were at odds again after a fire chief approved cost overruns for restroom renovations without informing the Board of Finance."

Limits Of Waterford's Radios Highlighted During Terror Drill


"Waterford — The start of this week's elaborate terror drill in New London highlighted a known flaw in the town's emergency coverage: the fragmented functioning of its radio system.", New London, CT


"Waterford — The Board of Selectmen gave fire officials until the end of April to put the finishing touches on a fire study members said was much better than previous efforts."

Waterford Looking At Ways To Upgrade Radio System For Emergency Workers


"Waterford - An arrangement to lease and buy a uniform radio system could put state-of-the art radios in the hands of police, firefighters, and ambulance workers within the coming year. "

Letter From Fire Official Fans The Flames Of Discontent


"Waterford - A professional firefighter and retired chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners has asked the Representative Town Meeting not to re-appoint current Chairman Melvin E. Carson. "

Fire Service Wants To Retain All 5 Stations


"It is the committee's belief that in order for Waterford to be spared the costs of an adequate career (paid) firefighting force, programs that enhance and reward the self-esteem of the volunteer firefighters must be instituted,” the report states. “If this is not done, the system will continue to suffer a serious depletion of personnel due to ... economic and societal pressures."

Nickels, Dimes and the Fire Service


"Waterford -- Like most growing cities, New London gradually converted from an all-volunteer fire department to a professional one with paid firefighters. As Waterford studies the possibility of consolidating its five fire companies, town officials are studying not just whether three or even four firehouses would be cheaper than five, but whether, if firehouses were consolidated, the town would lose its volunteers. "

Town Studies Consolidation of Firehouses


"Waterford - The town is discussing firehouse consolidation as an option for Waterford, a town with five volunteer fire companies, some of which have been in existence more than 75 years. "