West Haven firefighters find body after house fire


"WEST HAVEN — Though one woman escaped from a multi-family house that suffered a two-alarm fire early Friday evening, firefighters found another resident dead once flames were extinguished."



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Allingtown fire station gets grant for new ‘Jaws of Life’


"WEST HAVEN — When Allingtown firefighters respond to the scene of a serious accident, they have to wonder whether their aging “Jaws of Life” will get the job done."

West Haven police chief to be named Tuesday


"WEST HAVEN — The Board of Police Commissioners is expected to name a new chief of police at its first meeting of the new year."

West Haven officer claims in lawsuit discipline political


"WEST HAVEN — Detective Domenic Vinci is suing the police chief and Board of Police Commissioners, claiming political grudges led them to unfairly punish him on two occasions and wage an ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation against him."

Elderly Allingtown residents feel duped


"WEST HAVEN — Allingtown Fire Chief Peter Massaro was basking in relief the day following the narrow victory Tuesday night of the fire district budget and accompanying tax increase."

Allingtown voters OK fire budget, tax increase


"WEST HAVEN — Firefighters in Allingtown breathed a collective sigh of relief Tuesday night when a last-ditch effort to pass a budget and save the district from possible collapse succeeded — though by a narrow margin."

LETTER: Pension liabilities biggest deterrent to district merger


"Since it appears any current deficits would need to be resolved before consolidation, how this is paid for will be a concern."

New Allingtown budget same as old


"WEST HAVEN — When Allingtown residents attend an emergency budget hearing Tuesday night, they will be asked to vote in favor of a $4.6 million budget with a tax increase of 1.25 mills."

Fire chief's 'Scare tactics' rile Allingtown residents


"WEST HAVEN - Some residents are accusing Allingtown fire commissioners and the fire chief of using "scare tactics" to pressure voters into passing a budget next week."

Police announce new hires


"WEST HAVEN - The West Haven Police Department appointed Officer Kimberly DeMayo to the force Friday, Dec. 5, bringing the department up to full staffing."

Heroin stolen from police


"WEST HAVEN — Police are investigating a security breach at their impound lot behind the station, in which heroin was apparently stolen from a vehicle being held as evidence, a police source said late Monday."

Fire chief clarifies district consolidation


"WEST HAVEN — West Haven Fire Department Chief James P. O'Brien says fire district consolidation language he proposed to the Charter Revision Commission would allow for consolidation, but not empower the city to take over the three districts."

Allington fire budget rejected on 3rd try


"WEST HAVEN — For the third time since May, taxpayers Friday night rejected the budget proposed by the Allingtown Fire Commission, a move Fire Chief Peter Massaro recently warned will have dire consequences for the department."

Department looks to increase ranks of paramedics


"WEST HAVEN — The West Haven Fire Department is looking for a few good firefighters — preferably those certified as paramedics."

Allingtown fire district makes 3rd try at budget approval


"WEST HAVEN — Five months after Allingtown voters shot down the proposed budget over an unpopular tax increase, fire commissioners will try a third time to get a budget with a proposed tax increase to pass."

Budget woes greet new fire commissioner


"WEST HAVEN — As the Allingtown Fire Department continues to battle budget woes, a commissioner who moved out of the district last month has been replaced."

Collins named West Shore chief


"WEST HAVEN — Acting Fire Chief David Collins has been chosen for the top spot in the West Shore Fire Department, capping off a year of numerous retirements including those of the former chief and deputy chief."

Union contract keeps worker off job


"WEST HAVEN — Emergency dispatcher John Carew is not scheduled for his once-a-week shift because his role as Center District fire commissioner violates the dispatch workers’ contract, according to Police Chief Ronald M. Quagliani."

Tax group, union push conflict charge


"WEST HAVEN — The question of whether recently elected Center District Fire Commissioner John Carew has a conflict of interest because he works part-time for the city’s emergency dispatch center is back on the table."

Fire district merger talk of the town


"WEST HAVEN — The long-debated and controversial subject of fire district consolidation is back on the table in West Haven, and fire officials say, more than ever before, now is the time to explore the option."

$150,000 Yale gift will buy firetruck for West Haven


"WEST HAVEN — The West Shore Fire Department is in line for a $150,000 gift from Yale University, which will help the financially strapped district buy a badly needed new firetruck."

West Shore fire chief retires


"WEST HAVEN - After more than three decades with the West Shore Fire Department, Chief Harold "Hal" Burns has decided to retire after two years in the top spot."

Allingtown firefighters getting new gear


"WEST HAVEN — Firefighters in the Allingtown Fire Department will soon be a little safer after the arrival of new protective gear, expected in the coming weeks."

West Shore fire officials seek members for new panels


"WEST HAVEN — Commissioners of the West Shore Fire Department are looking for volunteers to staff two new committees — one to revise the outdated home rule ordinance and one to act as a financial advisory board."

Allingtown swears in 5 at fire department


"WEST HAVEN — In the face of mounting budgetary woes, members of the Allingtown Fire Department forged forward Monday with a swearing-in ceremony for the new chief, deputy chief, a captain and two firefighters."

Funding tagged for fire district


"WEST HAVEN — After taking a hit from the loss of tax revenue with Bayer HealthCare leaving town, the West Shore Fire District made a deal with the city this week, securing a portion of Yale University’s voluntary payments."

City swears in fire chief


"WEST HAVEN - Family, friends and local dignitaries gathered for a ceremony Monday to officially swear in James P. O'Brien as chief of the West Haven Fire Department."

West Haven faces fines for long audit delay


"The audit delay also is holding up the completion of the three West Haven fire districts’ audits. "

Fire station gets $250G for improvements


"WEST HAVEN — The West Shore Fire Department is slated to receive $250,000 in state funds to pay for capital improvements such as roof work, painting and the installation of energy-efficient windows."

Fire District pension underfunded by $30 M


"WEST HAVEN — The good news for West Shore district taxpayers is fire commissioners say they are committed to openness in communication and airing of problems."

Platt students restoring ’52 truck for West Haven


"MILFORD — Students in Platt Technical High School’s automotive department are taking part in a unique assignment: restoring a 1952 Mack A model fire truck for West Haven’s Allington Fire Department."

A costly mistake in West Haven


"What would you do if checks totaling $3.2 million showed up in the mail? Keep them? Spend them? Call up the sender and ask if there had been a mistake?"

Allingtown fire chief resigns after 32 years


"WEST HAVEN — The Sampietro family legacy in Allingtown closed another chapter this week when Fire Chief Victor J. Sampietro announced his retirement after 32 years in the Allingtown Fire Department."

West Haven overpayments troubling


"WEST HAVEN — Some residents aren’t buying into the “all’s well that ends well” attitude among top city and fire officials regarding $3.2 million in overpayments made to the fire districts last year."

3 city fire districts overpaid $3.2M in tax allotments


"WEST HAVEN — As West Haven continues to dig out from a $14.4 million deficit, new information shows the city overpaid its three fire districts $3.2 million in tax allotments last year."

Center District leaderless again


"WEST HAVEN — The revolving door of chiefs at the Center District’s fire department has swung again, this time with newly appointed acting interim Chief Edward Sweeney resigning his post."

Acting fire chief gets busy fast


"WEST HAVEN - Robert S. Schwartz's first day as acting fire chief was hectic, even though the fire alarms weren't blaring."

Fire chief retiring after 7 months at top


"WEST HAVEN — Fire Chief William L. Abbott will retire on Monday, seven months after ascending to the top rung of the West Haven Fire Department. Abbott announced his retirement at a recent meeting of the Center Fire District’s fire commissioners, giving two weeks’ notice. The move came as a surprise to at least one commissioner and other city officials, they said Wednesday."

West Haven voters elect 2 of 3 fire commissioners


"WEST HAVEN — Two incumbents vying for their second terms as fire commissioners got mixed results over the weekend, with Joseph P. Callahan Jr. winning re-election, while Mary "Tina" Peckingham was defeated by newcomer John Biancur."

Pension change planned for new firefighters


"WEST HAVEN — After several years of negotiations, the West Shore Board of Fire Commissioners plans to enact Friday a major change to firefighters’ pension plans. The plan is designed to curb district spending, something that district residents have been complaining about for the past year."

Firefighters gains $240,000 gear grant


"Bridgeport's Fire Department has been awarded a $240,000 federal grant for new turnout gear."

End of an era


"WEST HAVEN — While most kids in the 1940s and '50s relied on toys for fancy, William S. Johnson Jr. diligently kept track of the old fire alarm bell. "

70 residents forced to flee Sawmill complex


"WEST HAVEN — Less than 11 hours after a fire ripped through the four-story Sawmill Road apartment complex and forced more than 70 residents into Wednesday’s pre-dawn chill, Millicent Daniels returned to gather belongings and recall the "nightmare" she endured."

West Haven fire chief is calling it a career


"WEST HAVEN — There was no public forewarning and barely a crowd, but an era of the West Haven Fire Department’s leadership under Chief William S. Johnson Jr. ended suddenly Wednesday with many tears."

West Haven Police Department working toward state accreditation


"WEST HAVEN — A team of state assessors would like to make the Police Department the 17th state-accredited law enforcement agency in Connecticut and would like input from the public in formulating its final decision."

Watchdog group helps save money


"WEST HAVEN — Repairing the leaking Benham Hill fire station roof appeared to be a lost cause due to bids that exceeded the budget, until fire officials turned to the city’s new Building Oversight Committee."

West Haven teachers lash out at Picard on pact


"WEST HAVEN — Who else will be "punished" during contract negotiations to help save the city’s spiraled finances other than West Haven teachers? Will the police take an obligated hit? How about the three independent fire districts?"

Groups focus on pension


"WEST HAVEN — The West Shore Taxpayers Association and the district’s fire commission agreed recently to work together on a solution for the $30.8 million unfunded pension liability. In an effort to reduce future pension obligations, the fire commission agreed to ask the firefighters’ union to consider revisiting the contract to reduce the overall pension obligation."

Firefighter's labor of love is — you guessed it — firetrucks


"WEST HAVEN — Besides fighting fires, West Shore Fire Department Lt. Kevin McKeon journeys statewide taking timeless photographs of fire engines. If fact, if there’s a fire engine in Connecticut he hasn’t taken a picture of, he’d like to know about it."

Allingtown blacksmith's life brought to stage


"To the Meyers’ delight, they chose Hamm, who will be forever immortalized as the man who helped create the Allingtown Volunteer Fire Association on Sept. 23, 1907."

West Haven driver dies in wake of flash flood


"WEST HAVEN — Gladys Padula, a 47-year-old mother of two, died Tuesday at Yale-New Haven Hospital less than 48 hours after she became trapped in a "freakish" flash flood late Sunday."

West Haven group discusses one district


"WEST HAVEN — A newly formed group, the Citizens in Favor of Fire Consolidation, on Tuesday night launched the first of many meetings intended to discuss all angles of consolidating the city’s three independent fire districts ..."

West Haven fire chief to retire after 32 years on the job


"WEST HAVEN - West Shore District Fire Department Chief William G. Donegan confirmed Tuesday he will retire July 6."

Sampietro offered Allingtown chief’s job


"WEST HAVEN - It’s almost as though becoming a leader in the Allingtown Fire Department is a hereditary gene in the Sampietro family."

Department stalled in quest for ranking


"WEST HAVEN — The Allingtown Fire Department is close to becoming a full paramedic service, but that won’t become a reality until the Board of Fire Commissioners stops "sitting on their hands for almost one year" and permanently replaces Fire Chief Elmer Henderson Jr., department representatives say."

Fire district budget petition circulating


"WEST HAVEN — The annual Memorial Day Parade was the backdrop for some city residents who claim they are fighting fire district taxation without representation."

EDITORIAL: Chief’s raise wallops fire district


"The 18.92 percent pay increase West Haven’s center fire district has approved for its chief adds one more reason why the city’s fire districts should be consolidated."

300 come out for West Shore budget forum


"WEST HAVEN — A budget plan that would increase West Shore Fire District spending in 2006-07 by 13.5 percent drew an emotional crowd of nearly 300 to the 88th annual district meeting on Friday."

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Dargan gives up seat on fire commission


"WEST HAVEN — After 23 years, state Rep. Stephen Dargan, D-West Haven, is stepping down as Center District fire commissioner to concentrate more fully on his duties as a lawmaker."

Two fire departments getting $400,000


"The federal government has awarded more than $400,000 to two area fire departments, providing $180,000 for improvements to East Haven’s firehouses and $225,000 to help buy a new firetruck for the Allingtown Volunteer Fire Department in West Haven, U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, D-3, said."

No settlement in Allingtown race bias case


"WEST HAVEN — The Allingtown Fire District is headed for federal court with Lt. Peter Massaro, who claims he was discriminated against in the 2001 search for a new chief because he’s white."

Cops may have been exposed to hepatitis C


"WEST HAVEN — Three police officers and several firefighters and ambulance workers may have been exposed to the potentially deadly hepatitis C virus earlier this week in an incident in which they had to subdue an allegedly drunk and violent man."

Tax rate rises for West Shore Fire District


"WEST HAVEN — The West Shore Fire District has adopted a $5.56 million budget for fiscal 2003-04 that will raise the tax rate by half a mill, Fire Commission Chairman John Kelly said Monday. "

Fire official accused of racism resigns


"WEST HAVEN — John Samperi, the Allingtown fire commissioner whose alleged racist remarks set off a firestorm in 2001, has resigned from the board and moved out of the city. "

West Haven racial sparks fly


"WEST HAVEN — The pending appointment of Allingtown's first black fire chief has sparked a bitter dispute between Fire Commissioner John Samperi and commission Chairman Aaron Haley, filled with accusations of racial prejudice and dishonesty. "

$865,000 block grant to aid first time home buyers, city agencies


"The city’s three independent fire departments each will receive $20,000, Paolillo said."

Massaro due at fire board hearing


"WEST HAVEN - Fire Chief Richard F. Massaro is scheduled to appear tonight at 6:30 at a hearing of the Allingtown Board of Fire Commissioners, which is investigating allegations he made racist comments in a recorded conversation."

Firefighters battle two 2-alarm blazes


"WEST HAVEN — Firefighters battled back-to-back two alarm fires early Monday, the first in a Coleman Street apartment building, the second at a Farwell Street business, officials said."

Allingtown Fire District to decide new tax rate later


"WEST HAVEN — The Allingtown Fire District no longer can pass a budget before the July 1 start of the new fiscal year but hopes to move quickly once new member Aaron Haley takes office, Allingtown Board of Fire Commissioners member John Samperi said."

New Haven Register


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"WEST HAVEN — The West Shore Fire Department will be able to respond to emergencies off the city’s shores this summer, faster than you can say "jetboat.""

Union backs fire merger; West Haven moves toward single department


"WEST HAVEN — The city firefighters’ union is making a push to merge the city’s three fire departments, arguing the system is archaic, rife with political interference and results in poor service."

New Haven Register


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